What a prankster!

Yesterday Meredith played trick after trick on me.

I'd turn around and she's be on the table and seconds after I put her down she'd turn off Gwenna's movie and laugh. I'd ask her if she wanted to go to time out - an obviously rhetorical question - and she'd nod her head "yes!" with a devilish grin - a phrase that will delight my mother.

I'd put her in time out and she'd just giggle. She thought it was the greatest thing in the world to be in time out. I imagine Meredith thought it was cool to be in time out, like her big sister Gwenna. That's why I put her in bed for the first few weeks of her time out experience but we had to streamline it.

I digress.

Meredith was relentless to Gwenna. She'd bear hug her from behind, pull her to the ground, and laugh hysterically, all the while looking for my reaction. All these things that aren't bad, they're just... just enough to make you throw your hands up in frustration.

She's at that age. You know the age if you have children. The age when she tests her limits, pushes as far as she thinks she can and then puts one foot over that line, waiting for the consequence.

She's in the dog water (and then in the house), she's drinking bath water and trying to climb out of the tub (and then I pull her out anyway), she hits Gwenna on the head just about every day (and goes to time out and has to return for a hug and a kiss) ... and about one day every other week I think she hates Gwenna. Poor, long suffering Gwenna!


Until it's bed time. Meredith goes right to Gwenna after family prayer and gives her the biggest hug and wettest kiss and, looking into her sister's eyes says "Night Nenna" in that almost munchkin voice, batting her feathery lashes.

And I forgive her for every April Fools prank she pulled and every long night awake teething, every diaper blow out, every contraction, and about 100 things she will do in the next week. It's the sisterly love and perfect moments like muchkiny soft "Night Nenna"s that melt my heart.

But she's still a little prankster, I'm convinced. I'll have to some up with something really crazy for NEXT April 1. You know, cause 2.5 year olds can't get enough of that stuff right? That's solid logic!


Amy said...

She's just like her mother, loving being mischievous.

kelly said...

You obviously don't know me at all, Amy. ;)

Angela said...

Aw, this post made my heart melt :)

Heather said...

What a sweet little turkey! I know our kids save these heart-melters to make up for all the mischief and drama of the day, it is also a survival tactic. :)

mary watts said...

I would say Amy knows you VERY well. And you are so right about that yes with a devilish grin delighting me! She is so you.

Jewel said...

This made me laugh. She sounds like she's right where Jack is right now...Silly girl. :)