My UnBirthday

Ted threw me a small un-birthday party this month. He thought I was kind of down in the dumps and needed some excitement and fun. I wasn't really all that down, just having some thyroid adjustments and mostly tired. ... But being tired (feeling the need to sleep in and nap every day) can make you kind of funky. So maybe he was right. But at any rate, I'm better now.

He invited about half a dozen of our friends, couples and the like, and no one could come. So he surprised me by himself and it was a lovely surprise indeed.

So want some pictures? They're pretty awesome.

Have you ever seen the blog Cake Wrecks? It reassured what I've long thought, that all brown frosting should be abolished since it all looks like poop. Recently when Ted and I were at Safeway there was a super cute Woody's Round Up type cake with one issue ... little swirlies of brown frosting. SOOOO poop looking! Terrible!! Ted and I tittered for a while. I guess it gave him a cake idea.

Yup, as if the camo and army men weren't enough, the little poop spots were, literally, the icing on the cake.

We - all 4 of us - dug in with forks an hands. It was my cake after all, I was in charge and that's how I felt like eating my chocolate cake with raspberry filling.

There were decorations as well. Blue and pink streamers and a big banner staring me down when I cam in the door. Every things was hung with duct tape.

Of course there was a Christmas tree since we can't have a Ted or Kelly birthday anything without a Christmas tree.

And a present! You can't have a great birthday party without a present, right? Well, you can but this was the perfect un-birthday present. A gravy boat!

Gravy is kind of a big deal in my family and - if I do say so myself (and I do) - I'm a great gravy maker. Gravy chef, really. (Maybe not really.) I've been looking for a good gravy boat from some time now and Ted found the perfect one.

We also had at least two rowdy party go-ers. They were silly and messy and... well, just see for yourself.

Yes, and they were beautiful.

But they wouldn't play tape the tail on the pig, Ted's awesome, homemade game.

It was, by far, the best un-birthday party I've ever had. And I've had two so that's saying something.

Thanks honey. You're the best. :)


Mary Anne said...

That's a good man right there. And Happy Un-Birthday Kelly! That post was just happy. You make me laugh. And the cake. The cake! He really went all out for you. Love it.

Heather said...

Pretty sure you have a rockin' husband. What sweetheart and the attention to detail! Impressive indeed Ted.

camilla said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. an un birthday party is such a fun idea! And with my low thyroid, I DO have to take a nap every day, and it rarely makes me even feel better. I hate it.