It gives me a headache!

Meal planning is my nemesis. I really do enjoy cooking but as of late - the past couple months - I've just been having trouble planning. Then I always seem to forget to buy things I need... it's kind of a headache! This last week, Ted or I went to the store almost every day for something we forgot or a need that popped up. So I'm going to try to be better this week. We'll see how it goes. Here are the fruits of my laboring this morning, our menu for the week.

  • Monday - BBQ at friends' house, we bring dessert. Uppity fruit salad.
  • Tuesday - Stroganoff since I found good stroganoff meat on clearance late last week. Probably served with corn since that's what Ted likes. For lunch we'll have tuna on a log. Ha! How appealing, right? It's just tuna salad in a celery rib, like you'd do with peanut butter.
  • Wednesday -Stuffed shells! Yum! We haven't had these in a long time so it's time to pull it back out of the archive. Pasta shells filled with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and spinach, covered with a tasty tomato sauce.
  • Thursday - Pulled pork sandwiches - pretty basic slow cooker recipe with BBQ sauce. We'll enjoy this with fake tots - just diced potatoes with a little olive oil, baked.
  • Friday - Black bean tacos with guacamole. Pretty self explanatory. My kids LOVE beans so we have beans pretty much every week. Coincidentally, I also love beans.
Saturday & Sunday we were planning on being out of town. We'll see though, I think our plans are changing, as they normally do.

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Angela said...

I'm getting back on the meal planning wagon as well. Good luck to you! So far youe menu looks great!