Five for Friday

Here is a little something I've concocted to get vaguely associated lists out to the internet world. Obviously important! Five for Friday. 5 things that are, as I said, vaguely related that I want to talk about.

First up:

5 things I hate!
(EEK! I said it, I hate these things!)

In no particular order or even a list of the absolute top 5:

1. Graffiti. I REEEEALLY hate it. I hate how it looks, what it is, what it stands for, and that people think they have to do it.

2. Stubbing, snagging, breaking, injuring toes. ... Especially when this involves toe nail damage. I cracked a toe nail in the dollar store the other day and yesterday I snapped my pinky (little) toe on something and it still hurts. Yep. I hate it!

3. Anonymity. This can't be taken at face value. I dislike the things people will say and/or do when they think no one will know who they are - and it won't come back to them. I like to think we shouldn't say anything when we're unknown that we would if everyone knew it was us.

4. Infertility. Not that it affects me, at least not at this point in my life, but I hate it anyway. Especially in relation to really, really great people.

5. Interrupted sleep. I'm a mom of an (almost) 17 month old and a soonish-to-be 3 year old. My sleep is interrupted almost nightly. At least, that's the case as of late. I really despise being woken up in the night. I actually have to shake the urge to snap at whoever wakes me up. I take a second, gather my bearings to be able to say, "Oh, what's the matter, sweetheart?" It takes a lot and I'm not always great at it. And for this reason, and the zombie I can become the next day, I hate interrupted sleep.


Beth said...

Wow, I agree with EVERY single one of those! And most definitely #5 and #1... well and all of them :)

Amy said...

At least you have a husband who knows a really good graffiti prevention method (best Ted story ever!)

Have taken an unofficial poll of moms who have children around 17 months, I have discovered that I am not alone in my child waking up in the middle of the night recently. So, in your interrupted dream haziness you can think, "I'm not alone!"

Mary Anne said...

Oh...interrupted sleep. Will it ever go away? Because by the time they get it figured out, you know you'll be pregnant again and peeing in the night or something like that :) How's that for a little optimism!

Niki said...

Yep, I agree- your list is pretty stinkarific. I'd have to add hangnails to number two and snoring husbands as the cause of number five. Number 4 is pretty nasty too, especially all the doctors and doctor's bills= no answers and feeling like a human pincusion... Hope Gwennie gets back into a sleep cycle soon.