5 for Friday, Times Two

I'm just a regular parent, I think. I love to play with my kids. We play on the swings, in the back yard, at the park, we go on walks, play with our babies and stuffed animals inside, do some "cookin-cookin", color and do projects... We do a lot together! And it's fun and they learn great things and sometimes, so do I.

BUT! I also like to do dishes without a child on each leg and prepare dinner without worrying who is running towards the oven when I open the door to check on the progress of the food. So a lot of the time, when I need my kids to do their own thing and they feel it's impossible to do so, I'll put on a show for them.

We don't have cable or even any sort of regular television since where we live it's impossible to pick up an antennae signal. What we do have is a Roku Box and Netflix. There are TONS of kids shows on Netflix. So today I want to tell you what I let me kids watch and what I don't. Not that I think you should agree with me, but it's my list.

What I DO let my kids watch on Netflix:

1. Go, Diego, Go! We relly like Diego. Gwenna has learned so much about animals from Diego. She points out red-eyed tree frogs on shirts and posters and the library, talks about how a sloth moves sloooooow, and pretends she's a baby jaguar on a semi-regular basis. We really like it. There are some episodes I don't like her to watch (magic flute episode, anyone?) becuase they're a little weird but that's where parents screening enters in.

2. SuperWhy! I like SuperWhy because it reinforces the things we learn here at home. We LOVE books and Gwenna's really into letters. Plus, Princess Pea says things like "Cue the sparkles, cue the music!" and "Oh my Peas!"

3. Almost any nature show such as The Life of Mammals or the Disney movie Oceans. Again, Gwenna loves animals and I'm all about her learning about them any way she can. She also enjoys March of the Penguins. We can watch these kinds of shows as a family.

4. Cosby Show Sometimes, if Ted suggests he and the girls watch a show in that INSANE time before dinner, Gwenna requests the Cosbys. I grew up on this show and I love Bill Cosby so it's a wonderful parent-child compromise.

5. Wonder Pets. I know a lot of parents aren't fond of the Wonder Pets but I like them! To Gwenna, life is already a musical. Again, she loves animals so this show is right up her alley. Plus, I love the way it is animated. It's very creative. Plus, our favorite catch phrase, "This is SERIOUS!" You have to love Ming Ming. She's got such an ornery streak in her and her sense of humor is quite striking for a preschool pet.

What I DON'T let my kids watch on Netflix:

1. Princess and the Frog. I had it on the queue for a while and we watched it a couple times but there's some heavy stuff in that one that I don't dig, There's enough junk in the world that they'll be exposed to soon enough. That one got the boot.

2. VeggieTales. A LOT of parents will now roll their eyes or gasp or think I'm insane, and I'm OK with that. I'm not saying they're bad by ANY means. But, my 11 year old kids at church, at one point in time, derived most of their scriptural knowledge from VeggieTales and they were usually off base and also missing some real important points. I'm not a fan.

3. Barney. It's just not allowed. Sometimes, before we moved, when we still got regular non-cable television with our antenna, Gwenna would catch some Barney. It's like crack for kids: addicting and you pay for it later. My girls have watched Barney at friends' houses and I'm OK with that but I can't handle that big purple dino on a regular basis in my house so I didn't allow a habit I couldn't deal with the start.

4. Dora the Explorer. I just don't like her. Gwenna asks to watch Dora every so often and I always say no. "You don't wike her?" Gwenna replies. "Nope, I don't like that show." I try not to discriminate against Dora as much as her show... because Gwenna does like Dora. It's like how I say my girls are doing naughty things, they are naughty GIRLS.

5. Adult Shows - meaning things that we like but aren't suitable for her such as Lie to Me, Bones, Psych, or X-Men (the first movie is on our queue) - Shows are like that are waaaaaaaaaaaaay over her head.

That being said, Gwenna also has this in between gray area of shows I don't really like and/or am sick of but she still loves like Caillou ... mostly Caillou. But also, Carebears and the Backyardigans - both of which she is allowed to watch but I only watch with her the first time.


The Browns said...

LOL!!! My list of shows Elizabeth is allowed to watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...and that's it! She gets WAAAAAAAAAY too into shows so we've limited her to one...and most of the other tv shows on are not worth it. =] Amen about the NO's!!! I totally agree with you! Love your lists! And can we KILL BARNEY??? =]

camilla said...

I LOVE wonder pets! The frog princess is so crazy dark, this is supposed to be a kids show...right? Our kids aren't allowed to watch any adult shows either. Which makes for hard times when I'm sick or something and I just want to watch something for ME. We actually have been watching Gone with the wind lately, it's on nexflix streaming now, and it's totally Izzy approved!
They watch caillou, but it makes me want to shoot myself.