5 for Friday on Saturday

I TOTALLY forgot to do my 5 for Friday yesterday... maybe becuase I blogged on Thursday? Anyway, I will do it now, while my Thai peanut chicken is cooking :) I will have to go tend it and I am setting a timer in 60 second increments *beep* And the first minute is up!

Try the first 180 minutes... Wow. Stirred the veggies but also had to add the cabbage and chicken... and sauce while I was at it. The water was boiling so I dropped the noodles in. But they can only cook for 3 minutes. Suddenly I smelled something RANK and looked around the corner into the hall to see that Rocko had POOPED in the house and it wasn't, um, solid. So after I got him out and noodles drained, I got to clean up poop. Poor dog. Licked Meredith's hands when they were full of cake frosting. Rocko + Sugar = Disaster (He's NOT Buddy, that's for sure.)

One dinner, one crib set up (Mer is in Gwenna's old crib now since she was growing out of her mini crib.), one speedy house tidy, one walk, looking at the moon through the telescope, and one bedtime routine later... my 60 second interval turned into 10,800 seconds, give or take.

Sooooo... about that 5 for Friday was is LATE, I present, 5 for Friday, 5 beauty products I don't want to live without.

1. Chapstick. We all have our favorites. I like things that tingle (except Burt's) and also Chapstick Vanilla Mint. Ted likes that one too *wink-wink*. But really, I am titling this list 5 beauty products I don't want to live without because I believe you CAN live without all beauty products but this one might be an exception. I have very dry lips, no matter how much water I drink or how much I try to ignore chapstick. My lips are broken in the moisture department.

2. Oily hair shampoo. I didn't have oily hair until ... I think it was after Meredith. It might have been after Gwenna. It's a hormonal thing, I guess. But I used to love Aussie Cleanse and Mend - cleans and lightly moisturizes. When I ran out of that I tried Herbal Essence Drama Clean. I think I like this better because I can choose to condition or not. With the Aussie shampoo it was tough because there was built in moisturizer and I don't always want moisture. So, both good shampoos and I love that they take the gunk away.

3. Huge round brush. Like this. Large. And I have short hair (Like, really short. I got a cut recently and I can't put it in a pony tail or even put it half up. I have to do my hair. Every day). But I like that I can get my hair BIG with a large round brush without teasing (although, I also love my teasing comb!) and then flatten it down as much as I want with my straightener.

4. Moisturizing things. While my hair has too much moisture, you could say, my skin does not. And it recently got worse because our shower was fixed a couple months ago and now I can take SUPER hot showers. And I like it. But super hot water is real bad for your skin. So I use not only moisturizing shea butter body wash (which I rinse off in real hot water - kind of cancels each other out) and then use 24 hour moisturizing lotion. My girls are already lotion and chapstick addicts like me. It's a disease.

- Oh! And along the lines of moisturizing, I use hair conditioner to shave my legs. SUPER cheap (think Suave or, in my case, a gigantic Pantene Pro-V from Sam's Club) and so good for your skin. Exfoliate, rinse, slather your legs with condition (as safely as you can in the shower) and shave. It's the best.

5. Blush. I really love blush. For a long time I used a light coat of bronzer rather then blush but when I ran out of bronzer, I started using only my blush (it's Avon, by the way). I put it on my cheeks, down my nose, on my chin, and always, always, a light dusting on my eye lids. Even if I'm not wearing any "foundation" (I use tinted moisturizer), I still use blush. I love it. Yes, I use eye liner regularly, eye shadow most of the time, and mascara basically everyday but blush is constant.

So, as with all my 5 for Friday lists, these items are neither prioritized nor exclusive. On any given day, clean nail polish could replace any of these or half of these items could never grace my skin or hair. But I do love these things as part of my beauty regimen. They keep me super beautiful all the time, never hair out of place. (That makes even ME laugh. A lot.)

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