5 for Friday, Health Edition

5 things about Gallstones:

1. Gallstone occurrence can be linked to estrogen based medications.

2. You're more at risk to have gallstones if you're female and fertile... both of which I am.

3. Gallstones can be diagnosed through blood work or an ultrasound.

4. Typical treatment for gallstones is removing the gallbladder because ...

5. If given the chance, gallstones will likely re-occur.

It's true. I have gallstones. Last Tuesday night I woke up with such a sharp, increasing pain that Ted gave me a blessing and took me to the emergency room. Not fun. It was a long night to be sure. The following day I went in for an ultrasound to confirm the ER crew's diagnosis and the u/s tech thought it best to label this particular file STAT.

Avoiding fatty food - while not a cause of gallstones - typically helps reduce flair-ups. So until surgery is scheduled and my gallbladder is removed, I'm on a low-to-no fat diet. I'm trying but it's seriously tough.

Through all this (which, actually, has been going on since at least January) I have learned that I am grateful that our bodies have been created to work even without certain things. Bile can be redirected and you can live without a gallbladder just fine for the rest of your life. It's great to have one but you can do without it. And that's pretty nifty.


Erica said...

oh no! PLEASE let me know what I can do for you. I can watch the kids, bring dinner, whatever. Just let me know. Seriously. Hope you feel better soon!

The Browns said...

oh no Kelly!!!! I'm so sorry!!! Let me know when the surgery is!!!

Amy said...

Yuck, yuck, and yuck! I think gall stones are worse than kidney stones! Hang in there, good luck with the low fat diet, and I'm so grateful your husband has the priesthood.

Heather said...

BLAAAH!! Boo to your bummer gall bladder! But hooray for your (not surprisingly) positive attitude! I hope things continue to get better.