Tuesday Randoms, 'Cause every weekday has 'em.

While putting away the groceries, I knocked over the leftover pasta and simultaneously yelled for Rocko. He's a great vacuum/broom/garbage disposal.

I sniffed the air and knew I knew that smell.

I put away the yogurt.

I sniffed again, knowing I knew that smell.

Gas. So glad I realized what it was before I continued to inhale deeply.

Being sleepy can mess with your senses sometimes.

So can 2-year-olds who climb bookshelves. (More on that one later!)

... And 85 degree weather in March. MARCH!

I buy green onions every week, even if I have some in the refrigerator, because I never remember there are some left. We eat a lot of green onions.

I miss my camera! I think I left it in Mesa. In my middle of my blogging vacation (unintentional) I left my camera in Mesa while we were there for 4 days ... I think. Well, I know we were there for 4 days, and I think my camera still is there.

I didn't get to see (or even contact) all the people I wanted to see of those 4 days that Ted had clinicals and there's no way in Hades that I'm going back this weekend. It was fun but I was really glad to be home.

I swear I'm not as grumpy as I seem right now.

Meredith has her 16 month doctor visit next week. That came out of no where. My baby is now saying at least 1 new word a day (yesterday was "night-night" and today was "cow", even though she can already moo) and knows more body parts than I can name off the tip of my head. She's stinkin' smart and NOT a baby anymore. (*Insert sad whimper here*)

I intentionally had a hot dog for dinner last night. Left the house with friends, went to a place of business, and purchased a hot dog. Who, that knew me in my earlier years, would ever even venture to guess that would happen some day?

I think the rest of the groceries need to be put away but the non-cold items lack the sense of urgency that the green onions and yogurt posses.

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Mary Anne said...

I like your randoms! A bit jealous of your weather. Sorry for your camera loss. And you didn't seem grumpy at all!