16 months later

Something has been on my brain this week. Nothing deep or thought provoking. Just something a mom thinks about and then in turn blogs about.

Like how HUGE my once babies are now.

Gwenna, weeks before Meredith was born:

Meredith, the same age Gwenna was when Mer was born:

Where did the last 16 months go? And, at the same time, where did the last 20 years go because it seems like at least that long ago that I didn't have kids... rather than 2.5-ish years ago. It's mind boggling.

So just a little shout out to my big girls.

My cuddle girls, cleaning compadres, walking buddies, exercise thwarters, fellow book lovers, laugh inducers, giggle machines, sometimes naughty, always beautiful... siiiiiiigh.
I love you girls!

p.s. I have a super cute new craft on my craft blog. You can click here or on the little button on my side bar for my craft blog to view it. And to answer my mother's question, yes, this is where you go to see my new project.

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Heather said...

Isn't it devastating and wonderful all at the same time? Growing children. It is so sad to lose that baby but so many new and wonderful things always come as they get older. Your girlies are gorgeous.