When creating my Calendar of Excitement, I fear I made February out to be a bit of a drag. And really, historically, it has been. But that doesn't mean it has to this year!!

To transform February from blah to BEAUTIFUL I plan to do the following things:

1. 2 story times at the library with my kiddos
2. 1 girls night out with JUST Gwenna
3. 2 fun dates with my husband OUT OF THE HOUSE
4. 1 friend activity night at our house, something fun that even the kids can do like making pizza
5. At least order the new swings for the back yard so Ted can have them put up by time the weather gets nicer
6. (Sounds lame, but to ME it's exciting) Weed the garden area and back yard to prepare for our garden

There. Six things that will make the month of February more fun.

And I'm still entertaining the idea that anyone can come visit us this month. Any takers?? Mom? Aunt Anna? Tucson friends?

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Niki said...

Maybe I'll come visit president's day weekend... remind me as it gets closer. Andrew doesn't have it off, so it could be fun...