Projectile or not.

I believe children need to be held while they puke.
After they puke.
And in between pukings.

Because isn't puking the worst thing ever, for the most part?

Both my girls, in the past week, have had a wretched stomach bug, lasting a short while but producing immediate and near constant results. And, when it comes to puking kids, I believe in holding them, covered in puke or not.

This theory stared before Meredith was born when I found Gwenna, woken from a nap I believe, covered in puke and so very sad. After a moment of hesitation which I have since repented of, I hoisted her up, hugged her, comforted her, bathed her, and then bleached my skin. Not really, but you get the picture.

I'm all about comforting my kids in tough situations. If you can go through something rough in a calm-ish state of mind, doesn't it make that thing easier and maybe even sort of feel bearable?

So chunky or slimy, rancid or without smell, dribbling or projectile, I am a firm believer in holding a puker. Floors, bowls, buckets, toilets, clothes, hair, blankets and towels can be cleaned; it's the kiddo that matters!

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Jewel said...

I completely agree. And I love how wise you are. :)