Meals for the Week, Feb. 7

Monday: BBQ with friends - Hot dogs & hamburgers
I will make baked beans.
Ted will also grill chicken for the next night's dinner.

Tuesday: Make ahead Chicken Noodle Salad.
Has to be in the fridge overnight or all day.
Wednesday: Tomato & Butter Sauce
I'm so behind the game that we haven't had this yet. It's all the rage!
Thursday: A double batch of Sloppy Joes
- half to freeze -
with tater tots and green beans
Friday: Shrimp Fajitas - either actaully in tortillas or over rice.
I haven't decided.
Served with asparagus
Saturday: Asian BBQ Chicken Pizza
from Our Best Bites, modified slightly.
Labor intensive but looks SO yummy!
Sunday: We may or may not be going to our friends' house for dinner.
If not, Cream Cheese Freezer Chicken that I made this past weekend.

My children basically woke up tired and I woke up with whatever little sickness they've been dragging through our house. I have yet to go grocery shopping and may wait until tomorrow but it's going to happen and dinner is going to be yummy this whole week or my name isn't Kelly!


Amy said...

It never fails, whenever you post a menu we seem to be having a couple things in common! Last night I made sloppy joes and Fridays have become our pizza night, normally homemade.

mary watts said...

So how did that tomato and butter sauce turn out. It sounds so good.

mary watts said...

so tell me how the tomato and butter sauce turned out

Ted said...

the pot was licked clean! it was sooooooo very yummy.