(late) Friday Confessional

I missed Friday Confessional - not that I do it every week - but I wanted to this week. We were just running around like NUTS yesterday with a birthday party and doing our taxes & tax prep, on top of all the regular stuff. SO! Here it is.

  • I'm SO grudgingly exercising regularly. I enjoy it, for sure, but it's hard to take time to do anything that isn't right in front of me. When the dishes, the floors, and the laundry need to be done, it's hard for me to make myself exercise and I have been REALLY bad about following through. But I'm getting better so now I can confess that. Not perfect, but better. And it's starting to show. ... Isn't that when it becomes easier?
  • I have been a better blogger (between this blog and my girls' blog) since I deactivated my facebook account but, I must say, I miss 1 thing about facebook. Everyone commented on everything because it is so easy. With blogging it is harder to keep in touch becuase people don't comment regularly if at all when they read things. Google Reader is much to blame for that ... and I use Reader for all my blogs, too. But it still makes me a little sad.
  • That being said, I don't miss Facebook otherwise. There are a few people I miss keeping tabs on regularly, especially those who don't blog. But overall, I really enjoy not getting sucked into the spinning vortex of Facebook.
  • Switching gears... I'm so baby hungry, I could gobble up the next one that passes by. I miss the smell of a baby, the cuddliness, the tiny clothes, the hundreds of firsts... Yeah, babies are basically the best thing in the world. I'm especially hungry, I think, becuase Meredith is now almost as old as Gwenna was when I gave birth to Mer. WOAH! How did that happen? And when Ted graduates, Meredith will be Gwenna's age now, 2 and a half. ... I digress. I'm baby hungry.
  • I still (STILL!) 8 months - going on 9 - after moving here miss things about Flagstaff. We enjoy living here but I still miss Flagstaff semi-regularly.
  • And along the lines of "missing", when we got Rocko, I thought I'd miss Buddy more and more than I did before and think about him every day. At first I did. The comparisons came with any new thing I learned about Rocko. But now? Now, I hardly think of Buddy. Once a week maybe? There was still a big gaping loss before we got Rocko, but I'm a big Rocko fan. He's a SERIOUSLY good boy. I'm healing from the loss of Buddy now when he probably rarely gave a second thought to being shipped off to 2.5 acres with a slew of other dogs.
And there are my confessions for the week. They are quite varied but they are confessions nonetheless.


Amy said...

You could probably list a whole lot of awesome things about Rocko. What I have observed through your pictures are:
He's great with kids! He lets them play in his bed, use him as a bed, and he just seems so chill!
You seem to have all your crock pots still in tact.

After having moved a couple times from places I loved, I must say there is always a part of you that will miss that place. There's always something that helps bring up a good memory or makes you day dream about how you'll get back one day.

(AND I commented! Take that Google Reader!)

katie said...

haha, i use google reader, but every once in a while i'll click and comment. there's also a sweet button you can put in your favorites that will take you from blog page to blog page (from your google reader). i use it sometimes so i can see if people have changed their headings.

anyway, as long as you're feeling baby hungry. i hope you can come to my baby shower down there in a few weeks. it would be super fun to see you and maybe even meet meredith this trip and you can even oogle the little baby things :)

Jewel said...

I TOTALLY understand about the spiral that is Facebook. It's so easy to get on just to update your status and end up spending an hour and a half sitting there going "Whoah! She got a haircut?" and "I didn't know she was pregnant!"
But I still have an account. Shame on me.
As far as commenting, I'm sorry I'm pretty lame in that category. I'm also pretty lame in the blogging category right now. Wish I had a good excuse, but the best one I can come up with is that I just haven't felt like it.
But if it helps, I have been keeping up on yours, although I haven't been commenting as much as I should! :)

Mary Anne said...

Oh man...I almost went and deleted my Facebook after reading your confession. Not that I get on it much anymore after the lack of internet for a while. It just seems so pointless, but I totally agree on the convenience comments and "likes." But I just can't bring myself to delete! Now I'm trying to focus on getting the blog up to speed.

By the way, glad to know you're still hilarious even though I haven't been reading for the last month or so.

Suzanne M said...

Ditto on the hunger! :) I'm with you in that boat. I'm thinking it wont be 4-5 years for us, like we originally planned. That was sort of a ridiculous plan now that I'm staying home anyway.ha!
Great job on the exercise! Ive been doing the same and I love when you can feel the changes your body is making. It makes it so worth it.
Keep up your motivation! Its so super worth it!