It just makes me happy.

We have some dear friends here in our neighborhood who have always made us feel welcome, from almost the very beginning of our time here. Sadly, their grandpa, at Flagstaff Regional Medical Center, but from Winslow, is in the process of passing away. They knew this was coming and they wanted to say good bye before he was gone.

My friend called me this evening and said, "It's time to go." I knew just what that meant.

I also knew just what to do. We called our Bishop in Flagstaff to see what help he could offer to help. We knew a hotel would be costly to our friends who could not afford such things. We knew our ward family in Flagstaff - kind, generous, and loving as they are - would be able to help. When we did not get a hold of our former bishop or his wife ( our good friends!) we knew who to call next. So Ted called our Flagstaff ward's Elders Quorum President (the man who, essentially, leads the men in the ward or congregation and helps provide for many physical and spiritual needs). Ted and Pres. S spoke for a while, got caught up, and had a good chat as well as sharing all the details of our friends' situation. Later this evening, the Bishop called us back and everything was hashed out, information swapped.

I can't express how relieved I was to know our sweet friends would be taken care of in their time of need. A deep sense of gratitude set in. It was made even more clear to me, the blessings of being a member of the church I belong to. I felt the need to exclaim, as the primary children in the Church do, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!" - in a boisterous, song-songy voice.

Granted, my friends could have been cared for by our dear friends in Flagstaff regardless of whether or not we asked for help through our former ward. - By friends in Flagstaff in our ward or not in our ward. But there is something comforting and sure about turning matters over to our ward family in Flagstaff. No matter what, I know our friends will be cared for, just like we were when we lived there. So even though the reason for their trip isn't joyous by any means, I know new friends will find comfort and care in the arms of our church friends.

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