Another Happy Post

  • Today Gwenna and I pretended the picnic table was a boat becuase she said she wanted to be a captain. We row-row-rowed our boat to the Island of Sodor and saw monkeys eating ketchup, wild horses that gave us a ride, and 5 puppies that did not belong to Princess Meredith. The Captain put 2 of them in her hat, put her hat on her head, and we headed out to find the trains. All the puppies looked like Ella, Aunt Niki's dog. ... We're having a LOT of fun with imagining lately. Oh! And we dug up buried treasure from our sand pit but Gwenna dropped it all on the ground so it was yucky and she had to throw it away. ... I don't think she knows what "treasure" is.
  • The weather today was my idea of perfect. Low 70's, light cloud cover most of the day but still sunny, light breeze that came and went... it was the essence of spring.
  • Therefore, Spring Cleaning! I deep cleaned the girls' room and the guest room and they are so much happier now. They sparkle.
  • Ted and I got the chance to clean the temple last night, here in The Gila Valley. So much fun. So wonderful to be there late at night when no one else is around. How peaceful!
  • Meredith got herself out of bed this morning. No, not out of her crib. Sometime in the night - he doesn't remember when - Ted went into the guest room, where Mer has been sleeping the past 2 weeks, and brought her to the guest room bed to calm her down and get her back to sleep. I woke him up at 6.30 and her left her on the big bed rather than putting her in her crib. At about 7.15 she can wandering out, happy as a clam. It was too cute and just fun to see her come find us in the morning instead of the other way around.
  • On a related note, the girls are sleeping in the same room again. Mer's sleeping is HORRID when she is teething but a new tooth was discovered yesterday. It is overwhelmingly apparent to me that another is still inching it's way through but she doesn't seem to be doing as poorly. The hours between midnight and 2.30 seem to be particularly rough on the porr little princess when teeth are coming in.
  • After dinner tonight, we each had a peanut butter cup (before baths!) that our neighbor gave to Gwenna. Gwenna was covered in stickiness all around her mouth and each finger was brown. As she licked her fingers, one by one, she said, "Finger lickin' good!" Ted and O both exploded into a small fit of laughter. She did it again so I could get a video. It will be appearing soon on the girls' blog.
  • It's my mom's birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!) Gwenna recorded a little sound clip on my phone, singing Happy Birthday dear Gwamma. It was SO precious. She puts her heart into birthday songs, especially for her Gwamma. I don't think my parents know this, but at least once a week Gwenna will ask to go see Gwamma or Gwampa. She loves them thinks about them regularly (especially when she gets good reminders like cards and packages, becuase she's 2 and that's how she works), even if they're kind of far away.
What a lovely day! Tiring, full of work, but fun nonetheless.


Amy said...

We're feeling the "joys" of teething right now too. We've had several rough nights!

Gwenna is a riot! The things kids say.

kelly said...

Teething is the PITS!