2 things that make me happy today

On this Valentine's Day I'm thinking of what makes me happy.

The other day Ted brought the girls to the back yard to play for I could fold 3 loads of laundry without little hands pulling pairs of socks out of my basket. (BLESS his HEART!) When I was in the girls' room putting away their tiny shirts, pink and purple dress, and frilly socks (I don't love being a mom of girls at ALL, do I?), I saw this view out the window. It was everything I love every day. ... Even if you can only see a little bit of Gwenna's head.

Another thing that makes me happy is my first baby growing up. I hardly recognize her sometimes. Her features, mannerisms, and language are developing at a rapid rate and she is changing before my eyes. You first born holds a very special place in your heart, as does each child, but it's different for each child. This girl had me wrapped around her finger and her finger alone for 16 months. How I'm wrapped around 2 fingers, which is exactly as messy as it sounds.

My family. They make me SO happy!

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