This sounds a little Catholic, but I'm in.

Saw this on a friend's blog and it seemed riiiight up my alley so today, I'm linking up!

I hate touching dried beans. Mostly pinto and mostly the ones at the bottom of the bag. They suck the moisture straight out of your fingertips. Too many rocks and too much dirt for something I'm preparing for consumption. ... But we really like beans, as 1920 as that might be.

I am SO over carpet in the living room. It wasn't that bad until my daughter started potty training and I started being paranoid. And now if she hasn't gone in a while I don't want her to sit on the couch and I don't want her to sit on the carpet in our rental house. It's a lose-lose.

I REALLY love the show "Bones." It makes me happy. But I'm only in the middle of season 5 (on Netflix) so no spoilers, guys!

Many people know this so it's not much of a confession but I would gladly be pregnant 10 times. However, I don't want anywhere near that number of children. Not a huge fan of the postpartum either (is anyone, really??) so we'll cap it at 4-ish and maybe leave a little wiggle room in there for a bonus baby someday.

For whatever reason, as of late I am totally obsessed with vacation right now. I'm regularly either thinking about our next one (and we don't go on many vacations!), planning a possible one, or day dreaming that my husband is out of school, making scads of money, and we get to go wherever we want. ... Which makes no sense because my favorite part of vacationing has always been coming home.

I still miss our first dog. A lot. And regularly. We gave him away in his best interest (see this) when we realized he couldn't do another winter cooped up and only able to go outside to do his business and return to the house. But that didn't make it a fun or an easy choice and if I could have him back (even thought he went through tupper ware like it was teething toys, broke 2 crock pots, ate dozes of cookies, a cake, and a couple articles of baby clothing...) I'd take him in a heartbeat.

I'm going grey.

No, really.

Ok, not really.

I used to color my hair. It's a deteriorating mousy brown and has gotten mousier with each child. So I have colored it red, brown, and red-brown for a while (off and on) but now I can't afford to do that anymore. So my hair isn't really grey, but the incoming color compared, in starkness, to the former pretty glory creates this terrible optical allusion that makes me wish I liked hats more.

Those are my confessions and I wrote them all last night so I wouldn't have to worry about it think morning because I think the concept of a confession post is really just a post of randoms, which is my favorite thing ever.

Except, that might be the bulk of my randomness at this stage of my life. We'll have to see if I can scrounge up some more for next week.

ETA: 2 pairs of panties, 2 pairs of pants, 4 baby wipes, 1 Uno card, and one 1 kitchen counter later ... I know know how much pear juice is too much pear juice for a 2.5 year old who hasn't pooped in 3 days. Poor kid. She's potty trained too so this was a big blow to her confidence.


Debbie said...

Oh I hear you on the carpet/couch thing. Potty training keeps you on pins and needles. The LAST thing you need is a wet spot. Good luck to you darlin :)

VandyJ said...

Love Bones here too. Watching the current season on TV, won't spoil anything for you.

Suzanne M said...

Go you with your confessions! I'm glad you joined! :) I love that you wrote them down last night---SO something I would do.

Mary Anne said...

I love your confessions! I just did a post like I literally published and then went to look at the new blogs that posted and saw yours. Cue the Twilight Zone music. That's hilarious. And I'm totally going grey. Not kidding. Not even not kidding that I'm not kidding.

Mamarazzi said...

so glad you linked up!!

love the bit about the grey hair. i can sooo relate!

Rachel Murphy said...

Love Bones! Hate the gray! Goodluck with the your little one. poor thing :(