Ted's Buildings

Ted has been building, again. He really digs making things. Since being out for winter break, he has been measuring, sawing, wood gluing, nailing, staining, and painting up a storm. Listed below are the 3 largest projects, but not even half of what he has done since busting out of the education prison that is nursing school (for winter break).

First, a Christmas gift for our neighbors and great friends... a cabinetry piece to fill a gap between their stove and refrigerator.

The pulls are from our entertainment center, since we replaced them last month.

Next, (and also the most recent build) is my laundry dresser. I LOVE this. Three baskets for whites, lights (also known as "pinks" in the estrogen rampant Crowder household), and darks.

Isn't this piece genius? The basic plan is from but adjusted to our specifications, as always, by Ted.

Lastly, I will brag about this little beauty.

Do you love this bookshelf? Because I do. I love that it is narrow and not very tall but still has tons of room. I love the trim (see the second picture). But most of all... I love ... that TED'S NURSING BOOKS ARE NOT SCATTERED AROUND THE ENTIRE HOUSE ANYMORE!

It's been amazing to have Ted home for almost an entire month but it's a REALLY good thing he's about to go back to school.
I don't think our house can take any more building projects!


mary watts said...

Beautiful work! I love the laundry thing best!

Mary Anne said...

I love that Ted's books aren't scattered about, too. Because if you're anything like me, you've been going crazy. But seriously, wow! I love these builds. The laundry baskets? Holy moly that is genius and I NEED one so if Dusty can't do it then I'll be sending my order to your house. K?

Casey said...

I concur--the laundry sorter is AMAZING! On another note, I loved your Christmas card. Way to be late on praising it, I know, but I liked it just the same :)