Rocks, Sugar, and more Rocks

I haven't used this many pictures in one post any time in recent memory. So hang on it's going to be (IT WAS!!!) a bumpy ride!!

It started out as any other Crowder Adventure might... reading to a dog.

Ted convinced me to head out the the Gila Box Conservation area. I had never been there and now I may never go there. For you see, it was QUITE a bumpy trip. Gila Box is out past the civilized area of Safford, AZ (Did that get a laugh out of anyone?) and on the dustiest rockiest roads I have been in recent memory.

Towards what I assumed was the last leg of the trip (it was actually about half was according to the directions), things started to feel bumpier in the rear than they might otherwise feel. We were going up a steep incline and the back just seemed like it was dragging. I asked Ted to check things out. He did, but he apparently didn't think anything would be wrong becuase he didn't even try to pull over, just stopped in the middle of the less-than-two-more-than-one lane "road". ... And found this:

Totally flat.


But, as we like to do around these parts, we made the best of it!

Because even when you are surrounded by NOTHING but this:

... you can still have fun!

So the girls, Mikey the ChiWeenie, and I hopped out of the car in search of fun. Being that there were rocks, we needn't look far. My children LOVE rocks.

I don't think any picture I have can do justice to the incline. Meredith, a steady walker for months now, was falling every 5 steps or so in the way down and sporadically on the way up as well.

I don't know if it was the incline or the surge of females that caused Mikey, for the first time in his life as a member of the Crowder clan, to cling to Ted. Maybe he was feeling a male bonding moment, a chance to learn from the best just how to care for a vehicle in a situation such as this.

I, on the other hand, took it as a chance to get out of the car that was a frighting incline while being jostled about.

Have I ever mentioned I don't do well with dirt road inclination? There's a killer story for that one.

After a while Meredith fund some prime specimens for fun. I told you, my kids really like rocks.

After making beautiful music with said rocks by banging them together, her giggles and squeals of joy must have reeled Gwenna in for soon they were both banging rocks together on a dusty, wind blown road.

And they were doing it happily. Because my kids like rocks. ... In case I didn't mention it before.

When we had our fill or rocks, we headed back to check on the progress of the van.

Impressive progress had been made.

However it was not soon enough. My children had already discovred my secret stash. The kind of stash every awesome mother has, hidden in the depths of the glove compartment, where little fingers normally do not wander. The stash intended to keep wailing children quiet when nothing else will suffice. I like to call it my, "Oh crap!" stash.

We never made it to the Gila Box that day and I pray we never do. I kind of have a things against trying twice when you're thwarted so brutally in your tracks, as we were.

Besides, even if we wanted to go back, we'd probably have to save up for the gas money. We ended up getting new tires after this experience. Ouch!

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