Park Antics

About a week ago, we were looking at several days of very cool weather. Snow and rain were in the forecast and I knew we should get our girls out of the house before it got quite cold.

Our day was looking like this but it was better than what was coming.

Meredith and Gwenna was SO excited to go to the park. As soon as their little feet hit the ground, the took off running. Meredith fell in the leaves a couple times as she was getting ahead of herself.

Meredith is a swing ADDICT. If you try to take her off, she wails and yelps until you put her back in. Gwenna, on the other hand, will swing fora bit before she wants to discover everything else. Her #1 is the bouncy animals. She liked all of them but the elephant was her favorite.

In theory it was a really good idea to hit the park before it got really cold but it was already probably too cold to be at the park. So we enjoyed ourselves for a short while and then Ted started concocting ideas on how to build a swing set so we had to head to Home Depot.

We do really need a swing of 2. If there's anything our most recent trip to the park taught us, it was that.

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