Like a corner piece.

Rocko (as he will be called, even though his tag says Rocco) is fitting in juuuust fine. In fact, he practically blends in, essentially one of the kids. Surprising, actaully, how well things are working out.

Anyone who knows my household at all will appreciate the first picture. It basically camouflages him with the rest of the craziness.

And we find him that way at least once a day. He's just shy of a year, so he's still a baby, right?

Also, Rocko is capable of something else my children love and that is just plopping down any old place.

... And making himself comfortable.

He is also teaching us new things, like where the term "dog pile" came from.

(Don't act like your kids don't pick their noses!)

He takes it all like a champ - the teasing, the screaming, the running, the poking, the sprawling everywhere by everyone. He really fits right in. We've all taken to each other nicely.

As for the teasing I mentioned, I'm still trying to get a picture. Meredith holds her fingers together like she has a treat and thrusts her hand in front of Rocko's mouth. He licks at her hand - which she loves - until he discovers there is nothing there. But she does it seconds later and he falls for it again. She is SO stinking sneaky and it's HILARIOUS to watch her reaction. It's pride mixed with elation. What a kid.

While I still compare him in my mind to Buddy regularly, there are a lot of things about him that I like more than Buddy (shocker, REALLY big shocker!) and some that make me miss Buddy. But the latter are becoming fewer and farther between. I guess it's like when a friend moves away. I don't miss one friend any less just becuase I have a new one and neither could take the others place. Except, friends tend not to fall for the Meredith hand trick. Aaah... classic.

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Mary Anne said...

That's a funny/tricky little girl you've got over there! How funny. And oh goodness the binky in the Rocko's mouth is classic. Hilarious!