It's Buddy's Fault.

Once, we had the perfect, most HORRIBLE dog EVER. And then we didn't. And ever since then, I've been trying to fill this void in my heart with no success.

Sure, kids are great. I would even go as far to say that I love them. A lot. But a kid is NOT as dog, let's just be clear on that point.

Since we have been in this house, we have had 4 dogs for varying amounts of time. The first was Carly.

Carly was Rhodesian Ridgback and a big girl. She was sweet, energetic, playful, and almost everything we look for in a dog. Except, she dug. She would dig all day long if we didn't stop her. I had holes all over my yard and none of them annoyed me so bad as the ones in MY GARDEN.

Carly was given to us by some friends when they moved and could not bring her along. We ended up bringing her to the pound and paying $20 to do so. Ironic, yes. Luckily, she was adopted before we brought the $20 fee in (since we didn't have cash on us at the time).

Next, many months later, was Doug (Good Boy, as Gwenna called him). We found him at the park and did all we could to find his owner. However, in the meantime, we fell in love with him and I secretly hoped his owners wanted nothing to do with him (because of their own stupidity, no failing on his part). But he did have a family that loved and missed him and within a day of posting and calling, they were reunited. It was a happy reunion, with kids, and it made me happy, too.

Then there was Mikey. Anyone who did know we had Mikey is going to be surprised at this post because you likely still think we have Mikey. But we don't. He went back to the rescue. We traded him out.

Mikey was (is!) a nice dog. The problem was, the picture above epitomizes him. He slept aaaaaaall daaaaaaaaay looooooooong! And he wasn't even 4 years old yet. He was just lethargic and kind of like celery. No real personality or "flavor".

I could handle that and we tried really hard to like Mikey. And then he stared baring his teeth at Meredith. In his defense, Meredith is super unpredictable, as a 14 month of child. But that was the end of that. We called the rescue and they offered to trade him out. So we did that today.

And along came Rocco. (I would have spelled it Rocko, as in "Rocko's Modern Life" but Ted had his tag made.)

Rocco is still a puppy. He's a medium size dog with a beautiful brindle coat. He is just about a year and presumed to be half Shar-Pei and half Staffordshire Terrier. But he's all Lover.

In other words, we have bonded with Rocco better in a matter of hours than we did in the 12 days we spent with Mikey. It's kind of the difference between a crotchety old man and a fun loving toddler. And let's be clear here that we'd have been fine with a non-crotchety old man. Perhaps one who enjoys shuffle board and horse shoes. But Mikey was basically in a retirement home, being rotated so he didn't get bed sores. That's extreme, but the comparison is pretty accurate.

Rocco can sit, shake, stay, lay down, fetch, and return his toys. He's still into chewing but will give up anything he's not supposed to chew and he only chews things he finds on the ground. This makes my furniture safe. Basically normal puppy chewing. He's so sweet. He's like a sweet potato or a spicy radish. No more celery in our house.

We need a dog with some personality, some zing, and one who wasn't going to be uppity with our kids. It may be early to totally commit to this statement, but I think we hit the jack pot with Rocco. It's not going to be completely smooth sailing (he's a puppy afterall) but we're looking forward to forging a relationship with this boy. Wish us luck!

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Beth said...

That makes sense! I saw Ted ride by on his bike this morning with a different dog. I was trying to figure out who's dog it was. Poor Mikey, but I understand. You need a dog that is the same as your kids- active, happy, nice.

I hope he last longer!