Calendar of Excitment Accomplishments 1 &2

I want to follow up, for my own benefit, on my calendar of excitement. Excited to see what comes of each point as well as things I didn't list specifically that are coming up.

Last Sunday I met a couple of my new Primary students. As much as I loved my former class, these new kids are a riot! They're the kind of kids I would have wanted to be friends with when I was 11. It's going to be tough to get through lessons because they get me off track easily.

As for my second point, I am back from vacation with my husband. We didn't take a lot of pictures and the ones I do have are not that great so I thought I'd just touch on the highest points.

Very nice resort suite booked for a SPECTACULAR price on Priceline. I was nervous and skeptical but it turned out to be great.

My husband and I got pedicures together and not only were they really, REALLY good pedicures with the best massaging chairs EVER. my husband got his toe nails painted. And it was the color that Gwenna requested.

We shopped. A lot. It's a travel past time now that we live where we have no access to our favorite stores. Target's 90% of Christmas section was a total hit and their 30-75% post Christmas toys have supplied us birthday gifts for the girls.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicked! - We saw Wicked at U of A and it was SO wonderful. I have waited 6 years to see it and besides a kind of weak Fiyero, everything was a dramatic feast for the eyes and heart. Stirring, memory stirring.

More good food than I suspected Tucson had to offer. Our favorite meal included a divine antipasto plate, chicken meatball and ricotta pizza, and the best herbed olive oil for crust dipping I could have ever imagined. Seriously, I would have drunk it up if Ted wouldn't have been embarrassed by his crazy wife. Oh, and I didn't mention the dark chocolate brownie cake with white chocolate gelato but I figured if my keyboard was that badly saturated by drool, yours would be just as bad by now.

Spending time with good friends who live in Tucson... and happened to have some extremely tasty pastries. It wouldn't be a very goo trip to Tucson without seeing them.

The Tucson Zoo was surprisingly wonderful. The proximity to the animals, the diversity of beasts, and the small scale make it my second favorite zoo ever. I know we plan on bringing the girls for Meredith's birthday in November but I don't know if we can wait that long. They are going to LOVE it! ... Even if the lion escaped and ate the polar bear (which is OBVIOUSLY an inside joke)!

It was a really great trip and I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that we also bought a new glider to replaced the old rickety clicky grindy one we got at a garage sale for $10. This one was also used, but a wonderful product of Craigslist.

To top it off, our girls were SO good for Nana (Ted's mama) ... maybe better for her than they are for us most of the time! Couldn't be more grateful to Nana for caring for our girls. It was the very first time we were ever away from our girls (not for lack of trying!) and it was awesome!

Already scheming about our CA trip this summer. Can't wait!

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