Calendar of Excitement

It's a new year and despite that fact, I'm still the same old Kelly who loves lists and organization (attempts). So! to keep pushing through and all that jazz while Ted is in school, I'm going to give it the old college try and make a list of fun, exciting, or banner events for each month in 2011. At least 1 thing per month. So here goes!


  • A new group of kids to teach in Primary. I teach the Valiant 11 class so it's their last year in primary and they're antsy to move on but it's also a really special time in their lives.
  • Vacation ALONE with my husband!
  • Ted goes back to school - starting semester #2 of nursing school... getting us back on our regular schedule and getting that much closer to the end of school!

  • I should consider taking stock in Hallmark at this time of year. 6 birthdays of very special people fall in February. A time to be grateful for these amazing people!

  • One of my dearest friends will have her second baby, her first girl!
  • Spring break!! No plans yet (give me a couple weeks...) but I'm sure by then it will be needed!
  • Also, it will probably be really nice, weather wise, and we'll be playing outside a TON.

  • General Conference! Time for great inspiration and time together.
  • Easter - Time to reflect on the great gift of the atonement.
  • Not much going on this month... maybe someone will visit and make it a more exciting month. Any takers?

  • NO MORE SCHOOL! Not sure what our summer will look like but it's fun to know we'll have more freedom. We plan on camping a few times, going up the mountain to hike and cool off for sure, and spending time together.
  • Also, this summer, one of my dearest friends from EA and Flagstaff is coming to visit!! Can't wait to see her and for her to meet Meredith! (Yeah, it's been too long since we've seen each other.)

  • HOPEFULLY a great family vacation. I'm vying for Myrtle Beach but we'll likely stay closer to home. Maybe CA? I'm hoping for some beach time! I have some big plans I've been concocting. But what else is new?
  • Planning on going to the pool a lot with my kiddos.
  • My dear friend's husband will be HOME from his tour of duty and meet his precious daughter!

  • Independence Day festivities. BBQ here we come!!
  • Pioneer Day in the Gila Valley is SO fun! Can't wait for fire works and the parade.
  • Gwenna will be THREE! She is already excited for her birthday party and has let me know who she is inviting.

  • School starts back. While it will probably be bittersweet, we will be one semester closer to being done with nursing school. Can't believe this year will bring Ted's THIRD semester!
  • Seems like we'll be needing another visit to make this month more exciting. Someone better get ready!

  • Maybe in September we will turn out A/C off (and our utility bills will drop drastically).
  • Labor day weekend will be something fun to look forward to. Maybe a trip to the Phoenix area or somewhere else?

  • Once again, General Conference.
  • Halloween is going to be more fun this year than last year, I'd imagine. It's not my favorite holiday, not even something I really like that much so I'm going to have to try hard. With me 3 year old and (almost) 2 year old, there will at least be some SERIOUS sweet teeth!

  • Meredith is turning TWO! She didn't have a real party for her first birthday so maybe we'll do something special for her birthday. It's a Saturday so I'd really like to head to the zoo in Tucson. It's on our to-do list while we live in this neck of the woods.
  • Also, Thanksgiving! - A high point of the season. Looking forward to being with family, especially after how fun it was last year.

December is always a month PACKED with excitement for us.
  • The end of Ted's THIRD semester in nursing school, a huge deal.
  • Our anniversary, which, even though we tend not to celebrate in December becuase of the hustle and bustle, is still a very happy event.
  • My birthday.
  • TED'S 30th BIRTHDAY!
  • Christmas, which was so great this past year but will be even MORE fun with a 2 and 3 & 1/2 year old. Such a special time of year.
  • There's also the normal slew of parties and get-togethers this time of year with friends and family to look forward to.

... And on to 2012. Not to get ahead of myself, of course. Here it is the first day of 2011 and I've already gotten us to 2012.

The things I am looking forward to are:
Our impending vacation this coming week
My girls' birthdays
Our vacation this summer

Up to this point Ted has not had to travel for nursing school but he will this year. That will probably be tough but we'll push through it. We have GREAT friends around us here to help out when Ted is gone and I know I'll be relying on them for help, even if it's just for adult conversation.

Also, I'm looking forward to finding out what our summer will look like. Ted will (hopefully!!) be working and I really want to go on one more great vacation before nursing school is over and we move... somewhere.

2011 is full of unknowns for us and they make the impending year exciting!! This is just a bare bones look at the year but I can't wait for all our new adventures as a family. Now I have to refer back to this post when I feel like nothing fun is happening!

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katie said...

you know what good friends you have who live in california right? if you end up coming out here for your summer vacation, let us know!! we definitely shouldn't miss each other again!!!