Our Quirky House

The house we live in (for all intensive purposes, "our house" even though I have a tough time calling it that while owning another home elsewhere) is quirky.

It was built in the 60s and it reflects that. We have a broom closet that is just hanging out the corner of a closet kind of randomly. The cabinets are REALLY tall. I can stand on the counter without hunching and my head doesn't touch the ceiling. The bathroom, HUGE as it is, has 1 little outlet. The living room has an angular entrance and if my husband is doing wood working in the car port, I can talk with him through the air conditioner in our bed room.

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our house and none of these things are bad in any way.

One of the things that is not normal is the fact that we can cook in our bedroom. Obviously another awesome bonus.

Really, though, I'm just trying to be funny about the fact that Ted cooked dinner for us tonight on the top of our wood burning stove, which happens to be in our living room.

We decided to try out the fireplace. Our room is an addition and is not hooked up to the central heating and cooling. We have a seperate A/C unit for the hot months and a heater... but we've never turned the heater on. In fact, Ted keeps his nursing books stacked on top of it. It's a great bookshelf! We choose to use the wood burning stove to keep warm.

It also happens to have a cook top.

So tonight, Ted made the best dinner he has cooked in our married life. It was just beef stew, but it wasn't JUST beef stew. It was super tasty. He browned the meat just right and everything came together like a symphony of beefy-potato-carrot-onion harmony.

Meredith liked it.

Gwenna liked it.

Ted loved it.

And so did I. But I'm the one taking the pictures so there's no proof.

Other than this post.

And I LOVED it.

See? - All I need for my husband to be a fine chef is a wood burning stove with a cook top. What took me so long to figure THAT out??

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