My (Almost) Lucky Number

A blog friend of mine is doing a little link-up on lucky numbers. Generally speaking, I'm not into all that BUT today, I have an almost lucky number and that is 4.

4 pairs of pink princess panties before the 5th pair produced some more consistent results.

Because today, you see, is day 1 of potty training. The real kind, not the kind that you stop at 8.30 in the morning because you realize that your just-barely-2-year-old has NO idea when she has to pee. And not the kind that you start and then make you daughter sit on the potty for an hour because you're too tired to clean up another accident.

No, this is the real deal. This is the kind of potty training you can set your watch by. Every 20 minutes on the potty and when that produces no results it's sippy time and the timer is set for 10 minutes... and BY GEORGE my daughter WILL PEE ON THE POTTY! *big sigh...*

I digress.

As usual.

Today Gwenna went through 4 pairs of pink princess panties before she had some success in the form of 3 trips to the potty producing three little girl tinkles.

So today at least, my (almost) lucky number is 4...

And Gwenna is my number 1!

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carrielyshous said...

That's my number one question about parenting, loss when it comes to being HOW and when to potty train- good thing I can wait for awhile, and good luck to you both!