Kodak Moments

Know one thing I LOVE, L-O-V-E, LOVE about this time of year? Family pictures! So many people all together... such a great opportunity to update the pics!

My parents on Thanksgiving

Our Christmas card picture
(Shows the true nature of little Meredith too. Also concerned about something!)

Nana (Ted's mama) and all the grand kids that were at Crowder Christmas
(Missing 6 kiddos)

My mama and her grand daughters in November

My siblings and me on Thanksgiving

My girls and their similarly aged cousins
(Gwenna's match is 4 months older, Meredith's is 2 months older)

The Crowder clan that was there for Crowder Christmas.

All the Crowder kids with Mom Crowder
First time they have been together since 2005.
First Christmas they have spent all together in 7 years!

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