Kocking on tables, floors, desks, the nutcracker, doors, and all other manner of wood.

Day 1 Gwenna had 5 accidents total but by the end of the day she went to the potty without being asked.

Day 2 she had 2 accidents and woke up from her nap dry. The rest of the day was perfect and she went to the potty whenever she needed to go, both #1 & #2.

Day 3 has been good so far. 1 little accident but lots of success including stoping watching Mickey Mounse Clubhouse to go potty (which is HUGE since she loves MMCH) AND the first experience on a public potty. I brought Gwenna to the potty in WalMart and she went (with balancing help) with no troubles.

Why do I insist on sharing this information? Perhaps because this is the biggest thing ti hit our house since Meredith's birth. Well, maybe not that extreme, but we are really excited. Number of diapers cut in half, no more huge (almost) 2.5 year old size poopy diapers... And, more important that any of that, my tiny Gwenna is growing up! She is getting SO big. I'm not really surprised that she's doing as well as she is because she's always been very quick to pick things up with she's ready.

So while she's not totally potty trained (it's only been 2.5 days!) she is doing so well. And the title of this post will alert you to my strategy for ensuring this sticks... that and a lot of prayer and m&ms!


Amy said...

You share beacuse it is awesome. Go Gwenna!

The thought of 2.5 year old poopy diapers made me shudder.

The Browns said...

YAY! Great job Mom & great job Gwenna!!!

Lindsey said...

What method did you use? As soon as the stomache flu leaves our home I think we will start potty training.

Jewel said...

Again. I just love the fact that you're making this such a positive experience for everyone involved. I still get nauseated and nervous when I think of having to potty train Jack, so I may be calling on you for advice and tips when it's his turn. :)
Way to go, Gwenna!!