Christmas is coming

Tonight was our ward Christmas party. It was a lot of fun! Gwenna even sat on Santa's lap! (But that's another post entirely.)

As we were preparing to leave and dressing the girls in their Christmas dresses I pulled out a dress for Meredith. I showed it to Ted as I submitted it for his thoughts. He sort of laughed at it. As I held it up to her back, I realized it was a shirt on her.

How did I miss her growing from 6 months to almost 13??

So I put her in another dress that we received too late for Gwenna to wear which I had been holding on to for this very time... For this time when I could strangely place an 18 month dress on my baby. My BABY!

The dress made me think of an almost identical dress that a friend of our family got for Gwenna and I remembered back to the first time she wore it. It was at Ted's work Christmas party last year. Last year when Gwenna longed to be a big kid and I stole away to Ted's boss's office to nurse my one month old baby.

I recalled a picture taken of our family that night, showing off the dress very similar in size and style to Meredith's dress.

Of course I remembered this picture. It was taken last week... or month... or, oh dear, year!

I insisted that we get a family picture to show the similarities and differences a year had proven. And to be honest, I'm finding it tough to find many of the former.

I'm so grateful for all that this year has brought us - how our babies have grown into little girls and how many hundreds and thousands of blessings the Lord has poured, sprinkled, scattered all around us.

Wonder what our picture will look like next year....

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