You're doing something right.

I love the moments as a mother when I can think to myself that I must be doing SOMETHING right. They're few and far between with an almost 2.5 year old an almost 1 year old. Oh, but when they come, it is so sweet.

Like when Meredith is playing and she randomly turns around and runs at me straight on, wrapping her little arms around my neck and giggling. She is, by nature, rather cuddly, but it's those moments when I'm not soliciting a hug and when she's otherwise engaged and chooses to come to me, that make my heart swell with love and pride

Something recent with Gwenna made me so proud. We were eating lunch and I cut up an apple for the girls to share. Gwenna started the "why" game.

Why you cutting the apple? - So you and Meredith can share it.
Why do we share it? - Because it's so yummy!
Why it so nummy? - Because that's the way Heavenly Father made it.

She bit into her apple and her eyes lit up. She looked across the kitchen to the living room where the Christus statue is on our entertainment center and said, "Oh, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus, thank you! It so nummy!"

It's those times that make me remember what's important and tell me I must be doing something right. ... I hope I can remember these times when nothing seems to be going right. Something good is happening despite the day to day craziness.


Mary Anne said...

Um, I'm pretty much in love with that story. Look at you and your amazing mommy-ness. What lucky girls you have.

mary watts said...

My all time favorite story of you when you were young...(3 1/2) I took you to Sunday school for the first time. When i came to get you afterwords i asked if you had a nice time and you said no. Why Not? Because we didn't get a snack and we didn't get to go outside and play.(these were things you had heard from niki about school) so i said kelly you came hear to learn about Jesus and you said " well he didn't even show up!"