What We've Been Up To

We've been doing so much lately, I have hardly touched the blogs. I updated the girls' blog a little this morning but it is still lacking if I want to keep it up to date. So I thought I'd do an all inclusive "what we've been up to" post here so I can just get it all out!

I've made a couple photo collages (click on them if you want to see them larger) to make this post picture rich. They are NOT in order but it's all here, all that I wanted to touch upon today. Mostly just an update, so enjoy the fun!

First off, another visit from the Sprinkle ladies!

For anyone who doesn't know and cares, Amy and I have been friends since we were roommates but met as EFY counselors. We lived together, were engaged the same week, and married a day apart. Then we were upstairs/downstairs neighbors in the apartments we lived in. When Ted and I bought our house, we moved 1 block away. Then Amy and her husband Wes moved to OKLAHOMA ruining a beautiful track record. They recently moved back to AZ, with their daughter Bromus (that's not her real name) and Amy and Bromus have visited twice.

I LOVE when they visit. Amy and I are both pretty chill in our parenting style, I feel, and so we have fun playing together. Bromus and Meredith are less than 3 weeks apart. In fact, Bromus just turned 1 last week! ... Meaning Meredith is about to celebrate the big O-N-E!

I digress. A couple weeks ago the ladies visited and we had so much fun. Just an over-nighter but it was a good Sprinkle fix. Taylor freeze, playing outside, forcing Amy to get a facebook account... good times! :)

Also, in the past couple weeks, we attended the Harvest Festival downtown. I realized a couple things from this event.

1. We should walk downtown more. We live really close!
2. It's kind of creepy to encourage your kids to hug big fluffy characters since they are, essentially, strangers dressed up.
3. Meredith really liked green apples. I didn't know she had a palate for tart.
4. I could eat colored kettle corn every day for the rest of my life. Not only kettle corn, but some amount ever day.
5. My husband walked 5 blocks to go to the ATM when we didn't have enough money for what we wanted to do. And that makes him awesome!
6. I don't ever want my daughters to do any sort of dance classes other than ballet. The little girls dancing there made me really sad! They were dresses so inappropriately and their "moves" were WAY to risque!

Also, we have finally put up the girls' RoomMates stickers. I'mnot one for random decals just floating on the wall so I found a couple creative ways to integrate them into already existing decorations.

It's been about 2 weeks since I put the stickers up and Gwenna still walks into her room and gives an excited squeal, "My animals!" She loves it and so does Meredith.

Finally, a couple pictures of Gwenna's big girl bed.

It was time for Gwenna to make the move (see the girls' blog for more info) an so Ted built her bed! It's BEAUTIFUL. I must say, it's my favorite things Ted has built since we moved here. I really loved the girls picnic table and miss it a lot (we left it with friends when we moved) but this is even prettier.

Ted built the bed and the missionaries helped us stain it. Then Ted and Gwenna assembled it after we brought it into the house. She has slept well every night and goes to take her nap with almost no struggle at all. Some days I tell her it's nap time and she just goes and jumps in her bed. She's so good! We love the new bed and look forward to using it for a long time, with multiple kids!

So now you have an idea of what we've been up to. Maybe I can post more consistently from now on and won't have to do these all inclusive updates. But, probably not.


katie said...

i find it amazing that i lived in thatcher exclusively for 4 years and have travelled there often for another 6 and have still never been to taylor freeze. maybe next time i'm there you can introduce me :)

and i'm SUPER impressed by ted's building-a-bed-by-himself skills. makes me wish you guys lived closer so he could teach me how to build stuff. yes me...not ryan. he's too busy anyway.

Amy said...

We had so much fun with you.I've been thinking how Meredith is close to the big ONE! We'll have to try and play again soon.

Mary Anne said...

This post made me want to hang out with you...from the moment I read "pretty chill in our parenting style." I think I'd consider myself more chill than not, and it's always fun to hang out with others like that!

Jewel said...

I love it. I'm also impressed by how smoothly your transition to "big-girl bed" went...those are always a little scary!!
Thanks for sharing the catch-up!