Number Two is One

I don't have any babies anymore! - Just 2 beautiful sweet young ladies. Ok, maybe 1 toddler and 1 little girl. But at the rate time is flying by, I'm about to be a grandma!

On honor of my beautiful daughter Meredith's birthday, an acrostic poem for posterity.

M ... Merry
E ... Excited
R ... Ruthless
E ... Energetic
D ... Delightful
I ... Intelligent
T ... Talkative
H ... Helpful

Some of these might not seem like the typlical words to describe a one year old but they work for our Meredith perfect. ... Ruthless, you ask? She steals Gwenna's sippy every time it leaves Gwenna's hands. Faster than lightning and then she runs. Just one of the many unique and funny things about Meredith.

Our little girl has brought so much sunshine into our lives. She is a choice blessing from above.

Happy birthday, my merry merry Meredith!

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