Coursing through her Veins like liquid gold!

Sometimes my daughters do things that I realize must result from their


which they OBVIOUSLY
received from my side of the family.

For example, Gwenna has invented the most ingenious way to make dieting tasty AND efficient. See? She's AMAZING!

Recently a friend of mine brought us a rotisserie chicken. (What? People don't randomly bring you chickens? Hmmm. Interesting.) I decided to make chicken and dumplings out of it since the worst part was done and over with. I stripped the meat from the chicken except the darkest meat, since I'm not a fan, and proceeded to cut the celery, carrots and onion.

Gwenna, in her ingenuity spawned sneakiness, came in the back door from playing with her dad and made this beauty.

Can't tell what it is? Let's get a closer look.

Of course! It's a chicken leg nestled in a stalk of celery. See? Amazing.

I laughed so hard when I saw her eating this, not because it was a chicken leg in a piece of celery, really, but because... Who DOES that?! I LOVE my kids. They make me laugh every single day.


The Browns said...

This is SO awesome!! Gwenna totally cracks me up!

Mary Anne said...

Ahhh ha ha ha I LOVE THIS!! Oh my gosh I love this.