Things List

Things That are
About When
Your Best Friend Leaves
After Living with You
for Almost 3 Weeks


A list to make so you won't be sad.

1. I can wallow in my filth for a day or so and not feel bad about not cleaning things up. (Is that actually a good thing?)

2. I can stop eating all that sugary food that pregnant ladies crave. Cause, who likes that stuff anyway?? Not me, that's for sure! (Am I convincing anyone?)

3. I don't have to go get mandatory pedicures and waste all that time because my friend's husband, who is in Iraq, insists we go to the spa for her birthday. What a waste of time. (No really, I believe that!)

4. I don't have to watch my husband play with her son. So annoying to see him have so much fun with a boy rather than girls. Who needs boys, right?? Not us, that's for sure! We've got all the bo0ys we need.

5. Now I can work around Ted's schedule any time I want to go do something on my own for a little bit - even a simple dash to the store. Which is great because Ted's schedule .... is . . . wiiide open.

Ok, I'm not even fooling myself anymore. What a lame list!

Jessica and Ammon left this morning and we're for sure going to miss them. Hope they know that and hope they have a poop-less, tantrum-less, mean-person-sitting-next-to-them-or-behind-them ... less trip home!

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Reg, Jessica, and Ammon said...

Reg laughed when I read this to him! We LOVED spending that time with your beautiful family! Thank you for allowing a rather hungry pregnant women and her adorable toddler into your home and into your lives! Please let us know if you need anything!