Sticky Realizations on a Friday Night

We like to have Cinnamon Rolls
every time General Conference rolls around.
I found a great recipe that I have tweaked slightly.
It only takes 90 minutes, start to finish,
including rising.

I digress.

Tonight, sticky with dough on my hands,
I considered a thought.

If you had told me in high school
that one of the greatest satisfactions in my life
would be diving into and kneading
a soft, springy, well made dough,
I'd have laughed in your face.

I'd have told you all the dreams and aspirations I had.
Something related to majoring in linguistics and attending a university in Washington state.
Maybe something related to theater.

But dough??

And picking apples with 3 children,
each 8 months apart in age,
(one the child of my longest kept friend)
while being devoured my mosquitoes,
but smelling the sweet and spoiled apple smells....
Watching a swift 2 year old jump from tree to tree
and grab fruit right off the tree,
diving in, tiny front teeth first...

Dough and apple picking?
Those would not have been the first things on my list.

I'm so glad to have sticky hands and sticky faces to wash.
And I'm so glad things turn out better than I could have written for myself.


Jewel said...

Isn't it interesting how, although we think we know everything as teenagers, we still have no idea what provides true joy and satisfaction?
Thank you, once again, for putting into words exactly how I often feel. :)

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Agreed. Couldn't have said it half as well as you did, but I 100%, completely, whole body and soul agree with you. I could have never, ever come up with the wonderful life I've been given. Thank heavens!