More RIP-ing

Things mostly all flew out the window at the same time.

Namely the dog and the fish.

You remember Fish right? Fish the fish.

He was a good fish. A low maintenance fish. A fish that could swim in a bowl of his own excrement far beyond any reasonable amount of time. A fish that could go days without eating, swim in freezing, luke-warm, or room temperature water with no difficulty.

Friends, this was the fish, FISH the fish, that made it 5 hours in a 6-pack cooler on the HOT floor of a moving truck just to remain part of the family.

And we upgraded his living conditions when he made that trip. OH did we! We figured, we were gaining 500 sq. feet, why not Fish? He went from 1 gallon to 6+ in a matter of days.

Oh Fish.

We had Fish (named by Gwenna) for just shy of a year. Anyone recall the fated quote from the first post about Fish? "I have a feeling Fish is about to become my best friend... or worst enemy." Well my friends, it turns out he was neither.

In fact, days went by sometimes when I forgot to feed him entirely.

It was shortly before moving that we changed Fish's name to Fillet. Ted thought it was funny and he was right. It was shortly after moving, and his awesome upgrade, that we got Fillet a friend. A Plecostomus (i.e. sucker fish) named Comet ... you know, 'cause he cleaned things up real nice.

That darn Comet. That cheap Wal-Mart fish! (Um, so was Fish, but we have to point fingers at someone, right??) It think it may have been his influence that caused Fish Fillet's ultimate demise. He was a fighter though, OH he was a fighter! And a lover. An an excellent floater, in the end.

About a month ago (you can tell I loved Fish Fillet by how swiftly I wrote his eulogy) we replaced Fillet with 2 sassy friends, Bonny and Clyde. They have filled the void in our hearts and more importantly provide poop so Comet doesn't die from lack of nourishment. It was a hard choice but in the end, it took two fish to fill the void in our hearts left my Fish Fillet's flushing, er, um, passing.

He was a good friend, good entertainment, and up until the end, a survivor.. But mostly he was just a fish.


Jewel said...

You are just so clever--this post made me laugh out loud. I'm glad that Fillet Fish lasted so long...I think the longest I've ever kept a fish alive has been maybe a month? I don't remember. I don't have good luck with the water animals. :)

The Browns said...

Poor Fillet! A moment of silence for an awesome fish!