Angle Orchard in Pictures

My best friend from high school, Jessica, her son Ammon, and the sweet unborn baby Jessica is currently traveling with, are visiting for a couple weeks from Utah. Jes's husband is currently serving overseas in the Military.

Recently, we went to pick apples! Other than the 45 mosquito bites I received on my legs alone (Meredith got 2, Gwenna about 6, and I'm not sure on the other people's tallies) it was a lot of fun!

Thoughts this next picture was kind of cute. After she took it, Jessica instructed, "You can stop clenching your butts now." - which made it even better.

LOVE how excited this little girl gets sometimes. She is growing into such a fun little lady. More laughter and learning every day.

We've been enjoying our apples. Apple fruit bars to be made TOMORROW! YUM!!


Heather said...

So fun! Congrats to Jessica and her new growing babe. Someday I will pick fruit from the tree with my children, someday.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Cute pictures! You will never go wrong in an apple orchard. "You can stop clenching your butts now" has got to be my favorite line from this post. That is hilarious.

The Browns said...

How fun!! I'm jealous! Holy grown up baby Batman! Gwenna is a little GIRL now!!!! And a cutie at that. *sigh* What gets missed when we live so far away!

Jewel said...

That is a LOT of mosquito bites. But I'm glad it was worth it--those pictures are priceless!!

kelly said...

Heidi - she IS a big girl. She and Meredith are growing like nuts!!