Why I didn't party like it was 1999 OR Why Ted should just always come to Sunday dinner.

I have had a total of 2 migraines in my life.

The first was New Years Eve 1999. I slept it off relatively early so I did have some fun... but it was through that drowsy haze you get when you fall asleep way too early and then stay awake for a long time to make up for it. That headache was killer. Light hurt everything above my neck and each sound reverberated in my cranium.

The second migraine? It was last night.

We dine with friends most Sunday evenings. Same time, same place, varying people. Back when I went to EA (2002-2004-ish) I spent many an evening with my friend Amber and her family. The food was always good (salsa and flan anyone? - not in the same bite, or anything...) and the company was always... well, as good (like I said, the food was good!). Since returning to the Gila Valley, our family dines with Amber and her family again.

Yesterday though, Ted had one of a myriad of obligatory and blessing bringing church meetings and the girls and I went sans Ted. I don't like doing that. I like having my sweet husband there with me. I like his witty quips and his warm smile. But also I like his hands - that they wrangle the children and help feed one or the other. I don't like being a single mother, basically. But we went, because we go. It's what we do. Besides, I had made Apple Dumplings.

Dinner was SO yummy. I must say, my mom, she makes awesome cheese potatoes. But Amber's mama? SHE makes good cheese potatoes too. Sorry to say that Ted likes them better than my mom's... I like them the same because they're both favorites.

Cheese potatoes, ham, fruit salad (meaning apples, bananas, mayonnaise, sugar and a little milk - sounds gross, tastes wonderful), California veggie trio, and grape kool-aid. Who could ask for anything more for Sunday dinner? Well, there were Apple Dumplings too, so good they are capitalized.

So we ate and Meredith ate more than I had seen her eat in the history of Sunday dinners. She ate some of everything - which is awesome because she's old enough that she can. She gums ham with the best of them. We had retired to the study (ok, the play room) when it hit me. I was totally nauseated. Not because of the food or the company, but for another reason entirely. (Wait, did you think I knew the reason? I don't.) I headed to the bathroom hoping I would recover en route and that Meredith would not feel particularly clingy at the moment. I emerged pale, shaky, light headed, and still nauseous... readying my belongings and people for transport.

But there was no way I could drive, and through bouts of laughter (because it was kind of funny) Amber devised a plan that she'd drive us home. She ordered me to the couch, under the fan, put a cool cloth on my eyes (Over kill? Maybe, but who cares? I was being CARED for!) and instructed me to chill while she rounded up the brood. Amber's mama, yes the potato cookin' pro herself, volunteered to follow us home. I strapped the maniacal Gwenna into her seat after plucking her from the wagon. Bad move. But the "Little blue Horses" song calmed her. It's like crack for the ears.

So Amber and her mama brought me home and Ted arrived home at the same time we did. Just in time, actually, to clean up the broken shards of glass from the floor. Shards of glass from a glass Gwenna broke while sitting on the table. I had intended to take her down and was 1 step behind. Bad sign, being 1 step behind. So not characteristic of this mama. Quite inductive of a migraine.

My brain was threatening to escape through my left eye or the rear of my head and every time I stood, the floor seemed about 100 feet out of reach. Luckily I slept it off and the 1 time a child woke in the night, Ted got up to soothe her... whichever "her" it was.

So now I have something against Prince AND Sunday dinner. But the grudge against Prince is worth holding onto (I mean, really, it's Prince... or is that just what he was called, formerly?) and the grudge against Sunday dinner has to be dropped in approximately 6 days. There's always another Sunday ready to roll around. And this time, Ted better come because I think my body was protesting.


Jewel said...

Oh, that sounds miserable...I've never had a migraine, but your description of one makes me never want to. Glad you're feeling better, though--and I loved the Brian Regan quote!

Ted said...

I will be there Honey! I love going to Sunday dinner with you and the crew. You are the best. Sorry your body was protesting. :(

Heather said...

Stinky poop! Never had a migraine myself, but it sounds miserable. And I imagine it's doubly miserable when you're pulling single mama duty. Glad you had good friends to help you out and it didn't last any longer than it did.