"Paging Nurse Ted, Nurse Ted to OR 3!"

Today when Ted was home for lunch, I realized I haven't taken a sweet picture of him looking all Nurse-y (in an obviously manly way)... So I did!

It's more or less a "first day of school" picture even though he's been in school for coming on 4 full weeks.

Few men can pull off awesome Gila Monster EAC purple... many have tried (I know, I went to school here) but who can do it quite like Ted?

This picture just above is my favorite. Gwenna loves to have her heart listened to by Daddy. She lets him look in her ears and mouth and all that fun stuff. She she has a spill, Ted checking out her heart and breathing (even if she skinned her knee) can calm her down so fast. She loves it.

Ted is doing great. We're slowly adjusting to his class and study schedule. He spends as much time studying as he spends in class so it's easily around 30 hours a week and clinicals haven't begun yet. But Ted is very dedicated.

I have seen an evolution in my husband since we were engaged all the way up until now. He used to take his classes lightly, doing what needed to be done to get by. "C's get degrees" he's tell me as I slaved away in my classes. He has changed so much. He works hard in all his classes and is excited to learn new things. As soon as he started something he enjoys, his whole way of looking at it changed. ... Especially in this field where he wants to know all he can to be able to care for people well.

Like I've said many times, I'm proud of him. He's going to be a great nurse and we're glad he'll be doing something he enjoys for the rest of his working days.


Ted said...

I love you Kelly!

Heather said...

Awww, sweet post and sweet comment from Ted.

Husbands in school are hard! Phil also studies so much, which I am grateful for. But we still miss our daddy. It will all be worth it in the end.

Amy said...

The funny thing for us was Wes was home more while in grad school. Now I'm going on a week of single-motherhood because Wes has been mildly sick and comes home from work exhausted. I think I'm about ready to crack! Even with a good baby it's hard! Well, maybe if she were a better sleeper it would help.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Awww...that's sweet. It's awesome to see your husband pursue and love something! Good for him.

Suzanne M said...

Go Ted! You have a keeper there, Kelly (not that you didnt already know that). This post made me laugh because my brother is the SAME way as Gwenna. If he gets hurt in any way, he only wants dad to check him out and then he's fine. My parents were out of town and he got a bug bite (he's allergic) and he insisted we call dad and ask him what to do (like I dont know how to take care of it myself).

Jewel said...

That's such a wonderful feeling to know that your husband will be doing something he loves. Isn't it nice?
And this is random, but Gwenna's hair is just plain adorable in that picture! It's getting so long, but I love her bangs!

Heather said...

Um, apparently I need to read your posts sooner because Jewel keeps stealing all my comments. I, too, am loving Gwenna's hair in that picture. Cuhyute.

And hooray for Ted! Your description of his evolution is something I'm beginning to see in Josh. I'm diggin' it.