Oh dear, not again!

Remember this?

That's our poor baby Gwenna, at 9 months, with Serum Sickness.

We may be dealing with this again.
But not with Gwenna...

With this little girl:

Yes, those are in fact 2 different babies.
The first is Gwenna, the second is Meredith.

I'm not yet sure but I have suspicions that that Meredith is contracting a Serum Sickness rash.
She has been using an oinment for a severe diaper rash for the past week and one of the ingredients is an antibiotic cream. It's not a cillin -
(as both girls cannot have anything to do with Amoxicillin or Penicillin or anything of the cillin family.)
- but it seems to be giving her a rash anyway!

I'm waiting now to see if the supposed rash continues to develop or it's a really bad reaction to mosquitoes.

It just looks really similar and seems a strange coincidence that it surfaced when she was using this cream.
She's asleep now and when she wakes up I hope I'll be able to make a judgment on if it is or is not the famous rash that we all know and HATE!

Wish us luck. If it IS the fated rash, we'll need it!

***UPDATED TO ADD: It is NOT the rash. By time Meredith wen to sleep last night, all her big bites had mostly gone down. She still has about 2 that are swollen looking but I've decided that's all they are - mosquito bites - and she'll be fine :)



Jewel said...

Oh, I really hope it's not!! That looked miserable!!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

HOLY TWINS. And we will be praying that it is not the fated rash! Poor girl!

The Browns said...

Whew!! That's a relief! Darn mosquitos! I hate those suckers! And oh my gosh, are you sure you didn't CLONE Meredith from Gwenna? That is crazy how close they look!!!