In case anyone cares...

My menu for this coming week

Monday - Talapia fillets, Wild rice, Dice mango

Tuesday - Black bean & cheese quesadillas w/ salsa

Wednesday - Real southern gumbo (thanks, Paula)

Thursday - Grilled Thai chicken breasts & green salad

Friday - Make your own pizza (feeding the missionaries)

Saturday - Turkey meatloaf muffins, potatoes, green beans

Sunday - Whatever the Wards make but I'm bringing Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings

Not a terribly involved cooking week because there is a lot going on. Breakfasts will include homemade yogurt, creamy oatmeal with blueberries, and hopefully some homemade thick sliced wheat bread with butter and honey if I can find time to make bread.

Hope something gives you a little inspiration. I know I take a lot of my inspiration from other sources (as you can see!).


Amy said...

We have some similar meals this week--Tuesday we are also having quesadillas, but of the shrimp variety and Friday we are having pizza, but we will be trying out Papa Murphys. No room for the Kitchen Aide here! (Nonifty drawer to put it in either!)

kelly said...

Mmm shrimp quesadillas sound wonderful. We're having black bean because I need a quick dinner to make since Ted will be in class until 7 and I will be making dinner and feeding the remaining 3 of us while he is gone. Tuesdays are always simple dinners.

Suzanne M said...

How do you make homemade yogurt? I am so not a good cook and I need all the help I can get!