Here on our counter you will find two jars. One is full of people treats (as often as we can keep it stocked) while the other is full of doggy treats.

But those aren't just any doggy treats. I made them myself.

As our youngest daughter is growing up, becoming more predictable, and more independent, I've been able to return to doing more fun things. One of the things I have been doing is cooking from scratch again.

Not that I stopped for the last 10 months, but I did do a lot simpler things that take less time. Now I'm back into the swing of things and loving it. I have been making a greater variety of treats, both for my family and for Carly.

Theses treats, for example, are made mostly from Cream of Wheat with a couple other ingredients. They gook for a small amount of time and Carly really seems to like them. I also make her dog food. Any pet owners out there are probably thinking I'm insane but it's really simple. It's a mash of pearl barley, ground meat of any kind (can use freezer burn meat because the quality isn't really compromised, just the flavor and the dog doesn't care), and a rotation of veggies. Last time we used some zucchini, carrots, and potatoes. You cannot use onion and you should definitely make sure to add a cooked egg or two. Then Ted and I mash it up in a clean sink (yes, we make a HUGE amount at once), put it in freezer bags, and take out as much as we need. We mix it with expired Nutro from the feed store. Expired Nutro is the only thing that our local feed store feeds its puppies because there is nothing wrong with it at all and after they sell all they can for $10 a bag (when we buy it, as opposed to the $50-$60 we used to pay for Buddy back in the day) then they use up the rest. This extends the life of both our bagged dog food AND our home made food and saves a TON of money.

I have also been trying to perfect my homemade pizza because we like pizza A LOT and it's an expense we can't justify right now. We've had pizza about 5 or 6 times since we moved down here from Flagstaff and the 4,000 foot change in elevation has done wonders for my homemade pizza crust. SO much yummier and easier to make. Last night we have 1 peperoni pizza and 1 veggie. The sauce was perfect, too, in my opinion. I've been working on ratios of tomato sauce to tomato paste. I think I got it just right last night.

Today I made started yogurt. I can't even tell you how excited I am to try our yogurt when it is ready. To make homemade yogurt the only ingredients are milk and yogurt. I know it sounds so silly to make yogurt from yogurt but you let the cultures spread and grow in a big batch and then, in theory, you never have to buy yogurt again. You take a cup of homemade yogurt as a started for your next batch. It reminds me of Amish Friendship Bread. If you have ever made that you will understand the concept. ... Except it doesn't plague the universe by needing to be divided and shared 1,000 times. I made our yogurt with Greek yogurt (plain) and that is exciting to me because it's not as acidic tasting as other yogurts and is so creamy and smooth. I hope mine turns out the same way. Also, Greek yogurt has a huge amount of protein, which is a great added bonus.

So we've been having a lot of homemade fun lately and I know I'll have more to report as the days go on because I have more projects in the work. Less in the food area and more in the crafting realm... finally!!


Amy said...

Wes and I enjoyed perfecting pizza. I wish I had more space to make it in! Another thing we enjoyed making and eating was pita bread and hummus (without tahini).

Amy Legler said...

Can I higher you, for say, oh, FOREVER! You are such an amazing mom and wife!

kelly said...

I promise I'm not THAT awesome. Not awesome enough to hire, at least. :)

Amy Sprinkle! I want your homemade pita recipe! I had one from Sis. Liesek but I don't know where it currently resides.

Amy said...

We actually get our pita recipe from the Joy of Cooking. Let me know if you don't have that book and I'll type up the recipe for you.

kelly said...

I do NOT have that but don't worry about it unless you have time. It won't be made any time soon.