Dollar Store Project

In order to give myself a better visual of what I have to do and what's for dinner, I set out on a dollar store project today.

I got 2 document frames from the dollar store and filled one with a printed card stock menu and the other with a to do list/goal list. Each can be wiped clear and re-used again and again. I got the pretty elements from Summer Driggs (link below my header if you're interested) and just put something fun together so that they're not super drab. I'd rather have something cute to look at than just a boring to do list. Most of the time the things on there are kind of boring anyway ... might as well make it look cute!

I think I'll hang them with ribbon eventually. We'll see. I got this far and that's most of the battle.


The Browns said...

That is SO adorable! I am TOTALLY stealing your idea! =] I hope that's ok!

Suzanne M said...

I love this! And yes yes yes, I do want recipes from you! You are like worlds most awesome cook...or so it seems from your blog. I would love to have some simple meals. I need to be better about meal planning.

Janina Jones said...

I am going to steal this idea as well.