Sleeping in

We've all been sleeping in around here. Well, almost all of us. On and off.

During the night one or both of our children have been taking small sabbaticals from regularly scheduled sleeping. Two or three hours in the middle of the night beginning between the hours of 1 and 3 and ending around 3 to 5. And quite frankly, it is miserable.

What horrible hours to miss sleep! I could easily go to bed at midnight (at least an hour later than normal) and be fine. No biggie. I could also wake up at 5.30 and be fine for most of the day. But take a chunk right out of the middle of my night and then plop me down in 104 degrees for the daylight hours and it makes for a cranky Kelly.

I think my husband knows this.

Not only is Ted waking as much (some nights more) than I am to be with our daughters but he is also allowing me to sleep in.

Take this morning for example. Gwenna was awake from about 2-3.30 with a little preview of what was to come around 12.45. After we had both been up for hours while Gwenna made several treks to our room (scaling, as she does every day, the walls of her crib) and we had made equal trips to her bedside, Ted decided to camp on the couch to be closer to the action, as I had done earlier.

Sadly, Meredith woke at about 6.15 after hours of interrupted sleep. When I roused enough to get her out of her bed, I crossed Ted in the kitchen, rapidly shaking a bottle. I brought Meredith into the living room, hoping she'd snuggle into my chest and fall back asleep. No luck. Something about being almost 9 months and therefore beyond the cuddly phase. Ted hoisted her growing body from mine, cradled her in the crook of his arm and fed her, instructing me to return to bed. I have learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth and I did as he advised.

When I woke to Meredith's cry at 8.38, I again retrieved her. She was happy and ready to play. Moments later Ted came in to report what they had been up to. It seems that 6.50 found them in the car pursuing the infamous Gila Valley yard sales (with sad results) and when 7.45 rolled around Meredith was tucked back into bed for her first nap of the day. Ted saddled up the hopper with a fresh bag of seed and set out to inspire our back yard to grow some grass. So while I had returned to bed and had a strange dream involving the cast of "Lie to Me", Ted had an outing with Meredith and had seeded, raked, and watered the large yard. Before breakfast. (Men...)

Why does he do this? He sacrifices sleep regularly so that I can get as much as possible. Not only does he sacrifice that sleep but he musters up what little energy he may have and becomes Captain Productive. Is this a female/male difference? - The quest for a well-rested person vs. making the most of most moments? Maybe he sees being the father to 1 in the wee hours before the other child wakes as an opportunity to be productive. Maybe he's really some sort of Pod Person who doesn't require sleep. Or maybe, just maybe, Ted knows the secret to a happy life.

Oh, were you hoping to be clued in on the secret to a happy life?

Well, around here, it's a happy wife. And Ted does pretty well in this pursuit. Just ask his well-rested sweetheart.


Ted said...

I love you too Sweetheart!

Captain Productive

Amy said...

There have been plenty of times when Wes has stayed up with Bromus so I could go to bed. He then finishes doing whatever he was doing after Bromus goes to sleep. He was also pretty good at mowing and carying a baby at the same time so I could get some house work done. Amazing, huh?

I long for the day when Bromus sleeps through the night.

(funny side story--as I was typing this, Bromus almost dove out of my arms. Good thing I caught her!)

Jewel said...

Wow. I don't know if that's a male/female thing, but I wish I could learn how to do it. If I don't get enough sleep, I am CRANKY. And unproductive.


The Browns said...

I am TOTALLY horrible and mean mommy if I don't get enough sleep! It's so bad! Ben will do the same thing, but I feel guilty because he's just as tired as I I end up not being able to go back to sleep and end up switching him anyways! So he can go back to sleep!