Nanny, AKA Carly

Meet Carly.

Carly is a 2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.
She is house trained, leash trained, knows several tricks, and she's the newest member of our family.
She doesn't like raw carrots, peanut butter, or cabbage.
And she's a TOTAL ham.

Carly came from the Humane Society in Tucson. A friend and former roommate and her family adopted her a year ago when they lived in Globe.
Now they live in a smaller home with no yard and they had to get rid of her.
Ever since we knew where we would be living in Safford, we started thinking about dogs.
Big surprise there, right?
We're dog people for sure.
We had several chances to bring dogs into our home.
Kind, loving, well trained dogs.
But I could never agree to adopt them.
It just didn't feel right.
But even before I knew about Carly (back when she was Cara [read: Car-uh]) I knew she was to be our dog.
Can't explain why or how, I just knew. Like a good solid know that makes you so sure that you tell your friend you'll take her dog before asking your husband.
Like the kind of know that makes you tell a little white lie to get him to your friends house with the intent of taking their dog home before you meet her.
THAT kind of know. I KNEW she was our dog.

Well we are so glad for that kind of KNOW because she is PERFECT for us. The love and appreciation is mutual. She loves us and our kids a whole lot.

Carly is calm. She's still part puppy, at 2 years, but for that age she's reasonably calm, at least.
Today Gwenna walked Carly around the house on her leashes (Ted connected 2 leashes together so she could run with him on his bike ride) and she was a perfect angel.

Ted and I are inclined to call Carly "Nanny" as in Nanny from Peter Pan.
You see, the first day we arrived at this house, our neighbor's big dog hopped up on our 6-foot fence by climbing their wood pile. He barked at Gwenna and she was afraid of the back yard for about a month. The last 2 weeks or so we have been able to get her out there without any fear but never by herself. I was hoping she would enjoy playing in the back yard while I did things in my room (that's where the back door is). But she never has played out there alone for more than a minute.
Until today.
Today she stayed out and played with Carly for about 15 minutes before she cared that I wasn't there. I was able to gather and sort clothes to wash without Gwenna's "help" and even Meredith, while not outside, was not at my heels, climbing my legs and trying to walk.
It was so wonderful to be able to get a chore done without anyone bothering me and without the television or computer on.
In this way, Carly is kind of like Nanny. And she wasn't even playing with Gwenna outside much, as she prefers playing with her food bowl to playing with dinosaurs and bikes and dirt.
But Carly was there and I think that makes Gwenna less frightened since she's bigger than the neighbor dog and she is, as Gwenna says, "My daaaawggy!"

(Above you can see Carly playing with her bowl, Gwenna playing in the dirt where grass is actually growing, and Meredith longing to join the girls. ... No one messing up my piles of laundry!)

Carly instantly became part of our family. She fits so perfectly. She's not very needy, she's wonderful with the girls, she hasn't been mischievous, she is tall but hasn't eaten anything off the counters, she's trained to stay off the furniture, she's a great blend of an inside/outside dog, she's a hound dog... I could go on for a long time about things about her that we love but suffice it to say we're so glad we waited until we found the right dog for us. Be prepared to hear more about Carly, member #5 of the Crowder family!

*Side note - we have to take pictures of Carly quickly and with the camera muted. If she knows you're taking a picture of her, Carly comes straight over to you and gets pretty excited. ... Not an excuse for poor pictures, just an explanation. See? Total ham!


The Browns said...

Aw! congrats on the doggy! She looks like a great dog! SO...if you're baby hungry, you can ALWAYS come visit after Julie's born! =] I'll let you change diapers and rock her to sleep!
Maybe then I'll get some sleep. >=]

Jewel said...

I LOVE having a big dog. It's so fun. Yay for having the perfect dog to join your family!! Congrats!