My Bosom Friend

I met Amy when we were EFY counselors. We eventually ended up living together in Flagstaff. We were engaged the same week, married a day apart and then were upstairs/downstairs neighbors after we were married. Ted and Amy's husband, Wes, even lived together for a while. We used to go on grocery shopping trips together after we were married before we had children and share a cart. One would get the front of the cart and the other the rear and one person would load their groceries into the trunk and one the back seat. We go way back.

Have you seen or read "Anne of Green Gables"? - Because I'm pretty sure that qualifies for the status of "Bosom Friend" if ever there were one. We even had babies three weeks apart. Pretty awesome.

Amy and her family have been living in Oklahoma for some time now and have recently moved back to AZ. Although they are about 2 hours away, Amy and her little girl (known to the internet world as Bromus) made the trip to see us this weekend. They were with us for three glorious days and I'm so glad they made the trip while Wes was out of town.

Even though Gwenna is about a year and a half older than her playmates, she had a fun time with the girls. She could say Bromus's real name within minutes of them arriving.

Our girls played with toys and books, ate each others food and drank out of communal sippy cups for three days. Such a happy lot.

I obviously love Amy, given our history and all, but I didn't know how much I would love her daughter. We've met before but this time we had a chance to play together for a long time. I actually miss her being here. Bromus is such a joy, such a sweet and happy girl. I was shocked that she and Meredith actually played with each other. They're way too young to know how to do that! A lot of it was giggling as they stole toys from one another but it wasn't mean spirited.

Broums made great progress on walking while she was here. She is 3 weeks older than Meredith and therefore the same age Gwenna was when she started walking. She fit right in.

We took the Sprinkle ladies to see the Gila Valley temple while they were here. We also went to Taylor freeze fro some carmel soft serve. So yummy!

Of course we also baked while they were here - Symphony brownies and an apple pie. We used to bake a lot in our earlier days. My go-to bread recipe is from the Sprinkles.

More than anything it was just great to spend time with a friend who will always be a friend, one of those people that you can pick up with right where you left off without any trouble.

I love that our kids seems to get along so well also. In a perfect world they would be able to be friends as well but who knows how that would be possible.

I really needed Amy's visit when she came. It was the perfect timing. Thanks for coming and sharing your happy smiley baby, Amy. You Sprinkles are welcome back any time!

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Amy said...

Ah, shucks. You beat me to the punch. I was so in need of that too. Mark this as yet another time the Crowders rescue me from a time Wes is out of town!