The Guest Room

Before we moved into our new house I thought the second bedroom (Gwenna's is the first apparently, and ours' the third...) would be a play room with a bed. But we still haven't gotten the girls sleeping in the same room. So Gwenna's room has been Gwenna's room and the second bedroom has been a unused play room with Meredith's crib. This had to change!

First of all, I couldn't stand that the girls didn't play in the play room, making it dead space. Having lived in a tiny house before this one (it wasn't tiny before we had 2 kids!) I couldn't deal with the concept of unused space. So we decided it was time to pull our act together and make the space useful.

First we found a small entertainment console at a garage sale for $40. Ted talked the seller down to $30 and it was ours'. We needed a television for it so we zoomed back to a yard sale a couple of blocks away that I remembered had 2 televisions. Ted selected the newer of the 2 since they were each $20. These pieces were brought into the room. Then, this past Saturday we found a $2 DVD/VCR combo. The DVD player doesn't seem to work but that's ok because most of our movies are VHS anyway. (We're old school!) Also, we put the Wii in there for playing games and watching netflix.

Then Ted made a bed. Yes, he made a bed. He was going to make it anyway before my best friend from high school visits with her son sometime in September or October. But this weekend was the ideal time because nursing school officially started Monday (today) and Ted knew he'd better get this chore out of the way before he got sucked in. So he made the guest room day bed this weekend. We love it. It has a super comfy mattress. Last night while caling Meredith back to sleep I almost slept in there because I love it. Ted did sleep on it for a bit this morning.

We also found the glider at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $10. It's in good shape but the cushion leaves something to be desired. I'll get this fixed eventually but for now it serves it's purpose. The toy box was moved out and put into the living room. The basket that held the living room toys was moved into the guest room and filled with stuffed animals.

I feel it was a very successful transformation and I'm excited for our upcoming visitors to be able to feel more at home. What started out as a potential play room with a place for friends to crash has turned into a very personal space with anything a visitor might want in their own space. There are a few tiny touches left but overall we're very happy with the results.

Above: outside looking into the guest room.

The day bed ted built. We have 3 unused large couch pillows that I am going to recover and put along the back of the bed.

Our $52 entertainment center. The top drawer of the unit is an actual drawer and the bottom door opens parallel with the floor and rolls out. It's so cool.

Ted calls this the "nesting corner" because of the glider and the tree. It has a childish feel to it. We knew we didn't want to paint this room (Gwenna's room is the only room we have painted) so the tree decal adds some more visual interest to the room.

Every room in the house (including the bathroom) has toys in it so of course the guest room, which functions and a part play room the rest of the time, is no exception.

And as most rooms in our house do from time to time, the guest room comes complete with a sleeping baby. Meredith conked out this morning in the pack n' play we haven't put away since our friends left yesterday.

Hopefully over the next couple weeks we'll be revealing more parts of our home. We've been moved in since our second week here but it's just the last week or so that everything is starting to feel really well settled and personalized.


Heather said...

Well done! It is so nice to score good things for rock-bottom prices and I am super impressed with Ted's manly skills. Good luck with the first day!

The Browns said...

GREAT job! Love it!! So, we'll be coming down to visit...ok...I know that's a long shot with baby coming in the next 4 we'll have to take advantage of your beautifully transformed room well after Julie is born...BUT's beautiful. You did a great job! =]