Stalling. Ooooh Stalling.

Just a moment ago, I put this one to bed early.

And this one, I put her to bed late. A late nap will do her well.

Because these two beauties created this for me.

... It actaully looks better from an overhead view, when you're not standing in the middle of it.

Anyway, I also have a lot of this to do:

But I can check this off my list -

Despite my back aching from something wacky I did to it yesterday. ... So there's a big sense of accomplishment in that, right?

But instead of all that, I'd rather sit here and update you on all our happenings.

Such as the circumstances surrounding this gem of a picture, in which all faces are pointed towards the camera (smiling or not, it's an accomplishment).
Or flip out in a long post about the circumstances surrounding a banner I just made... oh that could be a lengthy post.

BUT NO! I will summon my strength and attack the mess in my house. I can do it! ... And then I reward myself with pretzel m&ms, my heating pad (silly back, remember?), and a good chick flick... if there's any time before the sleeping beauties transform into awake beauties.

1 comment:

Jewel said...

Sigh. Sometimes cleaning your house with toddlers around feels like shoveling snow from your the midst of a blizzard.

Today's been a blizzard day for me, too.

Hope things calm down for ya!