Since You've (We've) Been Gone...

I'm not going to lie or sugar coat it or grace over it ... (Ok, I'll grace over it) since we moved to Safford things have been *ahem* less than ideal.

And it's not even necessarily because we moved to Safford but rather a whole series of events and details that have made the entire Crowder world less than ideal.

Now, while there have been some (a couple. ok, a few. several. numerous?) things that have been junky, there are also good things and it is my intention to look at those points to make the junkiness seem less junky and the good feel better. And I will start that pursuit with a good, quality run-on sentence, apparently.

Moving on!

The other night, before I visited with some sweet ladies I've met and watched Miss Anne Shirley run a muck, Miss Meredith had her first big girl bath.

You see, Meredith has been crawling well for quite some time but she wasn't great at sitting until just before we moved. Last night we decided we would try out a sister bath, and the first full sitting bath for Meredith. She really enjoyed it.

However, she ended up crawling a lot and it's SO HARD to get her to stop crawling and just sit. Nearly impossible really, without some sort of restraint masquerading as a high chair or Bumbo seat.

And Gwenna wasn't too sure about the experience, either, as illustrated below.

She kept pouring cups of water of Meredith's head. Meredith didn't like it and we hated it. It was hard to distract her from Meredith for any decent amount of time. I think it would have been easier to do a "sitting" bath with Meredith and then move onto a sister bath. It was fun, even if it was short lived.

Plus, afterward, Meredith was SUPER cute because she loves the mirror. If I WALK into the bathroom with her, even with the lights off, she giggles. She knows there's a GIGANTIC mirror in there and she loves to play with that mirror baby.

Another highlight of moving is that we love - no, like REALLY LOVE - our house. Every day it's something else. One day it's the bathroom (see pictures above) and it's giant bathtub, another day it's the grass in the front yard that we water regularly and have now mowed once, still another day it may be the closet. Oh the closet! It's a thing of beauty.

I don't think this picture really does it justice. It's basically large enough to be a small bedroom. Meredith's crib, dresser, and rocker could fit in here. When we find the dresser we want (we gave ours to Meredith when we moved because all the girls' clothes could not be contained in one dresser anymore), it will fit in there with ease. And we want a wide dresser, not a tall one. This beauty is 8 feet by 10 feet with custom Ted-assembled shelving with so much room to grow that it pains me to be as far from Kohls as I am. Ted, on the other hand, is rejoicing.

Sometimes I like to think about my huge living room and that makes me happier. Or the fireplace in my bedroom. Right now, thinking about it's actual purpose makes me want to take an ice bath but we'll get to cooler weather. And our bedroom is an addition so it's not hooked up to the central A/C and heat (it has it's own A/C and heat) so we might use it this winter.

Also, Ted has a job now! He will be a school bus driver this fall and until then we have training to keep him busy. He has his CDL (Commercial Driver's License) but he does not have his school bus endorsement. So he gets to go to Sierra Vista for some parts of training, wrack up a bunch of hours driving, and work towards that endorsement. No big deal, certainly nothing Ted can't handle! I find it a beautiful coincidence (a great blessing, actually) that Ted found employment the same day his last paycheck, from his previous employer hit our bank account (the beauty that it was). The Lord hears and answers prayers, my friends!

Lastly, Ted and I went on a date today. We went to La Casita (Mmmmm!) and did a little shopping. Not an "exciting" date by any means but it was really great to get out of the house JUST us. I love spending time with my husband. He makes me laugh so hard.

As fun as our date was today, I'm really lonesome for our Flagstaff friends, including those that had already moved away. (You know who you are!) You really take people for granted when you have them around regularly.

BUT! I love my house, I love being able to be outside, in the green grass (after the sun sets...), I love my sweet girls, I love that we're starting to make friends and that we have had a LOT of family visit recently. So on those happy notes, there's a little update on how life has been since we moved to Safford. The highlights at least. That's all I am concerning myself about, anyway, right?


Heather said...

Hooray for loving your new home. Your closet is awe-inspiring and worthy of some envy on my part. What a blessing to have found a job that will be flexible with Ted's school schedule too! Thanks for sharing your highlights and I hope the lows get better.

Ted said...

Though I am rejoicing about living far away from Kohls, I am not rejoicing that the only big store close by is Wal-mart! Oh well... I guess that means I don't ever have to go shopping ;)

The Browns said...

IS THAT A JACUZZI TUB??????? =] If so, I'll be over tomorrow! =] If not, eh, I'll come visit sometime else. J/K! Kelly girl, I miss you SOOOOOOO much! We went to the park today with some of the other young mommies and I thought, Gwenna should be here running around too! =[ Next time you come up we need to go to the park! I LOVE your house pics! So awesome! And really...jealous...between the bathroom and the closet...I don't know if I can take many more pics! ;) but keep them coming!

Heather said...

I read the words "La Casita" and any other thought is now gone. I love that place.

mary watts said...

who are these people that can type in other languages?