i won't dance.

I can't get that classic tune everyone knows and loves out of my head.

"I won't dance, don't ask me..."

I don't know why it's stuck there but it might be some how symbolic.

Both my children are asleep. Napping away delightfully, leaving time for me to pack for our move tomorrow. But I couldn't pack.

You caught that, right? Both my children are asleep so naturally I wanted to rest as well. Ted and I have spent the past 2 nights, giddy with anticipation, as though it is the last day of school. Yesterday was our last Sunday in our beloved Cedar Hill ward. We're going to miss them terribly... but with that sort of school childish way that we tend to adopt, we're looking forward to what is next.

So I can't pack, don't ask me. Not when the children are resting and I'm tired.

Laying my head down on the couch proved fruitless. Visions of Iconic Blue Dutch Boy liquid genius, black board paint, white trim, a bathroom vanity, and neutral silestone counter tops danced in my head. My house is waiting for me and waiting for my touch.

And besides that, I packed the couch pillows. What was I thinking? ... Maybe that we're packing the U-haul that will carry everything we own to Safford, AZ ... tomorrow.

So, I can't sleep, don't ask me. Not when my new house haunts my dreams.

I'm missing this house less and less and investing in our new home more and more. This might not be such a great idea since we'll live there two years - that much is sure - but perhaps no longer than that. That's shorter than we lived here, almost half as long. But this new home is where Olivia will learn to walk, where Gwenna will learn to write her name and ride a bike, where our girls will take bubbles baths together and Ted and I will stay up late at night laughing about things that don't matter to anyone else. So even if it's only two years, it's going to be a great two years.

So I can't stop thinking about my hew house, don't ask me.

But I really should keep packing. We only have about an hour and a half of babysitting left and about 4 hours of packing.

I'd like to sleep though. But I can't. No pillows on the couch. ... Haven't we been here before? I think I recognize that tree.


Amy said...

It being in Oklahoma for two years has taught me anything, it's that you can build some good attachments in only 2 years time. It will be hard to leave. We really like it here.

Jewel said...

I'm so glad you're so excited! And I couldn't sleep the night before we moved, either. :)